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World Of Inspiration # 7

Wold of Inspiration

Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? A coffee and snack by your side? Then let’s dive in the newest inspiration!

1) Be kinder to yourself

Whatever I do, I am always reflecting and analyzing my own behavior. In general this is a great quality and I am glad, that I am always making an effort to learn and improve. But sometimes – a little more than just sometimes – I put myself under such a pressure, that I can’t consider the behavior I address to myself kind anymore. So I was glad about THIS little reminder by A Little Opulent. On all of the 8 ways I agree 100%. Now that I think of it, I should print them out and stick them on my closet – where I always see them!

2) A love letter to my body

For my german readers: THIS Sunday Post from Masha Sedgwick is a must-read. No doubt about it. Focus more on what your body CAN and not so much on how he LOOKS? Yes, please!

3) Meditation – To try

For my german readers: Ariana’s post about meditation came right in time for me. I decided to meditate this week every day for 10 – 15 minutes – I already mentioned it HERE. So far it’s been very good and I feel as if I am getting a little bit addicted to it well not the worst addiction in my eyes : ) Have you been meditating? What changes good you see?

4) The perfect blog post

Another german one: I love reading post from bloggers for bloggers, about how they blog and how they structure everything. No idea why, but I find it super inspiring! Such as with THIS post from one of my favorite writers out there, Gina. I am super excited about the playlist she mentioned in her post. I am sure it is going to be a good one!

5) Celebrate yourself

We are all different, still we compare ourselves with the ones next to us. Why? I don’t get it, still I do it. But I am reducing it step by step. Franzi’s POST reminded me of it, got me inspired. I think I might start a new ritual: A little weekly celebration with myself and for myself. Turning on the music, dancing around the apartment and drinking a glass of wine. Perfect.

What are your favorites from the last week?

Have a great day! I hope where ever you are, you get to enjoy some sun as well!



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