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Quote Of The Week – More Of Yourself

Last Friday I was expecting myself to be very tired after my exam. Usually after focusing for 4 hours, I find myself pretty blurry. Well, this time, my mind was pretty clear and filled with thoughts. I couldn’t figure out what triggered these thoughts, but they kept me pretty busy over the weekend. What I am about to say might sound a little selfish, but it is not meant that way at all. I am everything but a selfish person, actually it is the opposite, I am more one to forget my own desire and wishes in order to please or fulfill someone else’s, which is why I am writing this.

I think I had my fair share of friends that are the center of attention, that take over in every situation. This is something I’ve dealt with since preschool. It wasn’t always easy, but I did get stronger and learned a lot about myself. The thing is, that what other people say about you can have a HUGE impact on you. I just experienced this while I wrote my thesis: I’ve been told for as long as I can remember, that I don’t have the best style when I write, that I am missing the red line and so on. I was told, that this is how I am and I believed it. Well, turns out, that a professional proofreader thought the opposite, that my thesis was amazingly structured, well written and with a red line. What I want to say with this example? Don’t always believe what other people say!

The same happened when I was told as a little girl that I am a shy person. And I believed that for a long long time. Me shy? I don’t think so right now. I am not the one who takes over the center of attention, but does that mean I am shy? Not in my opinion.

The “problem” is simple: Sometimes I just don’t know enough about my own wishes and the things that matter to me. And instead of just talking, I rather take a step back and let the others talk. I believe this is not a problem, but it has definitely been on my mind.

So, the mantra for this week is simple – More Of Yourself. And I know this might sound selfish. But, it is your life, right? And you want to be happy, right? So, I think it is very legitimate – and not selfish – to find out more about yourself, your wishes, your dreams and show them to the world! And to show more of yourself.

More Of Yourself


To find out what is myself, I decided to make it an effort to meditate each day this week for about 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve started to meditate on and off for the last year, but never stuck to it. But every time I meditate, it has  huge impact on my happiness, myself. I truly believe that meditation as a huge power. A power to find that little voice inside of you – your Inner Me – to make you stronger and to become more of yourself. If I go through with it this time, which I am determined to do, I will for sure share my experience here on my blog.

What are your ways to find yourself? What do you even think about this whole topic? Do I sound a little crazy? It could be, I am not sure : )

I am excited to find out what you think, so don’t hesitate to share!



3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – More Of Yourself

  1. Ganz ganz wundervoller Post!! Ich vergesse auch viel zu oft, was ich eigentlich will und verliere mich in all dem Durcheinander. Gerade jetzt wieder: ich hatte eine Babysitteranfrage, aber schreibe genau an diesem Tag genau zu dieser Uhrzeit Klausur. Was tue ich? Ich denke im Moment darüber nach wie Leid es mir tut, dass ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht babysitten kann, statt mich auf mein Studium zu konzentrieren und richtig Vollgas zu geben, denn ich will es sobald wie möglich beenden. Jedes Mal wenn ich wieder beginne mich zu fokussieren schweifen meine Gedanken ab und ich überlege, welchen Termin ich der Familie anbieten kann, damit es für SIE passt…unglaublich! Also Jenny: Fokussiere dich auf dich selbst und fang endlich mit dem Unikram an!
    Danke Ronja für diesen Reminder-Post, über diese Theamtik könnte ich wirklich Bücher schreiben, weil ich der Held im “zurück stecken” bin!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße!!

  2. Nice post, my immediate thought is just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean you’re shy, but it could mean that you’re introverted. My favourite definition of this comes from Susan Cains’ book Quiet; she defines it as a person who gets energy from being by themselves and in their own thoughts (which might explain why meditation makes you so happy 🙂 ) Susan Cain also defines the opposite of extroversion as being someone who gets their energy from socialising with other be people. It’s a great book, it helped me understand a lot about myself.

    • Dear Nicola, thank you for your lovely comment! Your thoughts were so insightful. I have to admit, that the word introverted didn’t even come to my mind, when I wrote this post – for some reason, I have some negative feeling against it. I love your book tip, it sounds amazing! I think I might have to buy it soon : ) I do love these kind of books. Any other tips you can give? xoxo, Ronja

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