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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 36

Yippiii! My first exam is done! Yes yes yes. One out of five is done! Coming home on Friday and being able to put this huuuge stack of papers away was pure bliss. And for this weekend I really tried to forget about the rest of my exams and enjoy life.

My bf came back on Wednesday after being in Sweden for two weeks and I tried to squeeze in as much quality time as possible. We watched the final two Harry Potter movies. It turned into a little tradition of ours over the last two months to watch the whole Harry Potter episodes. It has been one of my favorite activities. I have no idea why, but watching these movies brought me so much joy! And it might sound crazy, but I am so sad it is over.

IMG_20140901_073540These flowers are amazingthey still hold on and look as beautiful as on my Pancakes Friday.

IMG_20140901_192921Smoothie smoothie smoothie.

IMG_20140902_075950Juice juice juice.

IMG_20140902_085551Yes, it does –  find more HERE.

IMG_20140903_081730Pre exam motivation!

IMG_20140904_084040Coffee lover.

IMG_20140904_193937Surprise flowers from my bf. Nothing beats that!

IMG_20140905_164324I came home a little bit tipsy after my exam – four hours of writing and some sparkling wine afterwards – and decided to spend some time in bed, drinking tea and watching tv : )

IMG_20140905_202818First pumpkin soup of the year : )

IMG_20140906_101657One of my favorite fruits – after blueberries – figs. Loooove them!

IMG_20140907_100159Big breakfast: oatmeal, espresso and honey-lemon-ginger-orange juice, because the bf is having a cold/fluI really don’t have time to get sick….ohoh.

And of course, working at the jewelry department has some consequences. I fell in love with THIS bracelet by Fossil big time. It is nothing I have ever owed, but I just love it. Maybe it makes a good exam present for myself : )

Screenshot 2014-09-07 11.16.24

I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying a lovely Sunday!



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