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Quote Of The Week – Getting better.

Last week I had a couple of days when I didn’t feel exactly well. I was lacking energy and motivation, simply wanted to stay in bed all day long. A couple of years ago I would have started to get stressed out about it, pushing myself to work more than I could handle, wouldn’t have accepted that – for some reason – my body needed a little rest. This time I didn’t. I accepted that I couldn’t be as productive as I wanted to be. Of course I pushed myself to work – because taking a couple of days off was not possible – , but I didn’t force to do more than I could handle. I took I took it easy, stayed at home as much as I could, had quality time with myself and spent some good moments on the couch. I filled up my batteries. Because over the years I learned a lesson:

It always gets better

Everyone has ups and downs in a life. We go through breakups, fights, stress due to work, social pressure, grief, self-doubt and so much more. I’ve been through that. And I managed. I am still here, happy and full of life, because it always gets better. Sometimes within in a day, sometimes two, a week, a month or even a year. It is not always easy. For sure not. But one day you will wake up, feeling the energy in your body and smile that is starting to spread over your face. Trust in it. It always gets better.




4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – Getting better.

  1. Sometimes I try hard to push myself, but frankly, my work isn’t as good then. I feel bad because I procrastinate or look at a white word document for days and then suddenly it overcomes me and I jot down three kinda good texts in one night – without actually knowing where that comes from 😀 I am working on finding the balance between going with the flow of my moods and trying harder, haven’t quite solved that riddle yet! I can only trust in what you say: It always gets better. So far, this has proven itself to be true.

    • Dear Gina, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I know exactly what you mean. Just today I had so many thought and ideas running around in my head…they would fill up at least 3 posts : ) Sadly, I didn’t have time to write them down. But I know the ideas are there, and they will come back : )

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