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Goals Of The Month: September

It is crazy how fast August went by. Summer? I cannot remember. The few summer days we had, went by in such a blur, that I have problems remembering them. Luckily I am a fall-girl anyway – already had my first butternut squash. Love big time!

You might have noticed, if you’ve been reading my blog constantly, that I didn’t mention my Goals Of August a lot. In all honesty, that is because after a while I completely lost my focus on them – even though they were written right in sight in my Filofax. But I think you know me – I don’t get stressed about it. I rather take the approach to watch my own behavior and learn from it. And that is exactly what I did.

This next month will be crazy and full of studying, anxiety about the exams, ups and downs and probably too many sweets and not enough sport. I could list up all my goals for my exams, but that list seems endless and I rather don’t get completely overwhelmed by it : )
So I came to the conclusion that adding more goals – even though they are personal – to THAT list are going to make me even more stressed. And that is something I don’t need right now. So instead, I decided on some mantras or little reminders I want to have in mind and try to live by as best as I can this upcoming month. And after rereading my “Quote Of The Week” from the last month, I noticed they are actually already right here. Over the last four weeks, I already thought a lot about mantras and quotes that inspired me. And they still are. Giving me energy and inspiration, which is exactly what I need. On top of these you can find a whole lot more on my Pinterest board, which you can find it right HERE. And of course, there will be even more added each Tuesday when it is time for my weekly quote.


Last weeks “Quote Of The Week”.


Loved this mantra. You can find my thoughts about it HERE.


This quote I should keep in mind: Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking about what I should be doing and how to do it, that I forget to start.


I am sure my family and friends will cheer for me. But still it is super important to cheer for myself too: Be positive & happy and believe in yourself.


I am actually excited about this month. I have a lot to do, but at the end of it,  I know I will only have one more month to go until I am DONE with my exams. Oh boy, I am so looking forward to that feeling after the last oral exam! But I am not letting my exam become my whole life! No, no. I am still going to blog as much as possible. And at the end of the month I will be spending a weekend with my family attending a wedding. I am super excited about it and can’t wait to go dress shopping : )

I am curious about you, my readers, did you set goals for September? And do you have mantras that you try to live by? I would love to get a little peek in your ideas : )

So, my friends let’s rock this month!




P.s. As if the radio could read my mind, they played one of my all time favorite songs just right now, which is the perfect song to kick off this month. Do you have 4 minutes? Let’s dance!

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