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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 35

I am spending a super rainy Sunday at home, skyping with one of my besties, studying and distracting myself from studying : ) And remembering my post “Quick Tips – Rainy Days At Home” – still madly in love with the song I featured in it.

This week was not my best. I was left without energy and motivation – neither to blog nor to study. You know those days when you just CAN’T DO? I just couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do. A big influence on my mood were my exams: They consist of one written – next Friday : ( – and four oral exams – in a time frame from mid September until the end of October. Well, my amazing university cannot plan in advance! Only this Friday we got to know when each of these four exams take place. If you have been in a similar situation you can probably imagine how bad it was to prepare for the exams: Not enough time, too many subject and no idea what to do first. Gladly, getting to know my schedule gave me a big energy boost!

But even though I was low on energy and motivation there were lot’s of happy moments in this week. And of course I want to share some Instagram pictures with you.

IMG_20140825_174033The week started perfectly! Package from my mum – Thank you!

IMG_20140826_085135In it: For instance, this nail polish by Essie “really red”.

IMG_20140827_181117Dinner for one with a favorite of mine: Chantarelle!

IMG_20140828_075427Did someone say coffee? Yes, please!

IMG_20140828_154812Snacking on super fruity gummy bears.

IMG_20140829_090924My besties came over for Pancakes Friday!

IMG_20140831_112112Big Sunday Brunch!


I hope we all have a great start in the new week: full of energy,a positive mind and filled with happiness! And to kick it off one of my favorite songs these days:



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