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World Of Inspiration # 6

Wold of Inspiration

1) Interior Design – Coffee table books

THIS is not the word heaviest post, but it is definitely filled with beautiful images! I can’t deny it, the girls from The Daily Dose got style. Although I don’t have a coffee table yet, I am dreaming about decorating onehopefully soon. For now we have a stoll next to our couch, where tons of books are collected. Already a good start!

2) Blog Class

New in the blogger world or already full on in? Either way, you might enjoy reading THIS post from the Chapter Friday Team. I know, I know, I feature them here almost every week, but their style of writing is just the best: Short, to the point, interesting topics and great tips. Nothing else I need, you?

3) Two Choices

We have the choice on how our day is going down: We can be negative, allow our thoughts to pull us down, deep down. Or we can be positive, happy, making the best out of our day – every day, as bad as it might be. It is our own choice. This is something I believe in and I work hard to make each day one of the best. Which doesn’t mean I always achieve that. Of course some days are just not that great. But that is okay. Because how would we know otherwise what a great day truly feels like?
For my German readersTHIS is a wonderful post by Franzi about exactly those two choices, written with just a few more colors : )

4) Getting Organized

Right in time for the new week, Rebecca reminded me of some easy steps to stay organized. The tips were not exactly new to me, but sometimes it helps so much to simply read them from someone else. Need some inspiration to organize your week, work, projects or studies? Yes? Then head over to Rebeccas Blog, which is a true treasure I recently discovered, and read her POST about it.

5) Freebies- Wallpaper

And last but not least, my favorite discovery of the last week: Maddie’s collection of free wallpapers. Something I am totally addicted too – I love a beautiful wallpaper for my laptop : ) The Happy Day – Cloud is already making studying a lot more fun!


Are their posts of the last weeks you can’t forget about?



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