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Quote Of The Week – Focus On The Presence.

As you may have noticed – I think I’ve been moaning enough about it – I am in the middle of finishing my studies. And now the time has come: the first exam is on next week. I admit, before last Friday, I was pretty relaxed and not very much worrying. Well, that has officially stopped. I am nervous, sensitive, worrying and also a little scared. Not a nice mix. But I am trying my very best to relax. And thanks to my family – my mom sent me the cutest package ever, filled with tons of goodies (see HERE) THANK YOU -, my bf and my friends, who are supporting me so much, I am figuring out ways to relax more and more. So what better way to share this week’s mantra with you? It might sound a little bit silly, but don’t underestimate the power of holding on in your life for a minute, take a breath, focus on the presence, stop worrying about what comes next and take in some positive thoughts. I promise it makes a difference!


Have you been through exams at the end of your studies, work or school? How did you manage to keep cool? Any tips?



2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – Focus On The Presence.

  1. Du weißt ja, ich hab bei jeder Klausur durch die Doppelbelastung ganz schön zu knabbern und Panikanfälle bleiben da grundsätzlich NIE aus. Bei einem großen Anfall stehe ich einfach mal von meinem Platz auf und mache 20 Minuten ein paar Sportübungen o.ä. Außerdem versuche ich es so wie du zu sehen, nicht auf nächste Woche gucken, sondern nur auf heute…aber das ist nicht immer ganz einfach! Ich drück dich mal ganz fest aus der Ferne!!

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