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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 34

In all honesty, this week went by like a thunder stormso fast. It felt as if each time I blinked an hour went by. Crazy. But my first exam is coming closer (only two more weeks!) and therefore my week was packed with study group meetings, days at the library, hours spent worrying. It was not the most fun, but there were some good times too. Such as eating cake three days in a row, one of my besties coming back from Australia, a Sunday spent with my bf watching one Harry Potter movie after another (which is why this post comes so late) and some good chats with my friends.

The next week is going to be super busy -I guess the one after that as well – which makes me think I should sit down tonight and plan ahead a little. We all know how much I love my Filofax, but I have to admit, I left him a little alone the last week. I guess I will spent tonight crafting away while I watch my bf pack for an upcoming travel. Or maybe watching another Harry Potter movie. You want to know a funny fact about me? I started crying so badly when Dumbledore died in the movies, as if I have never seen or read it before – which I have -, so that my bf looked very confused at me and didn’t leave me out of his arms for the rest of the movie.
How was your week? Are you always planning the week ahead? And as my days are filled with studying, I was wondering if you have any study tips for the last days before an exam?

IMG_20140818_090411My favorite thing to do each morning: Drinking espresso with some sugar, stirred with my favorite golden spoon.

IMG_20140818_103526Did you see the little DIY I came with last week? You can find it HERE.

IMG_20140818_192704 (1)Smoothie time!

IMG_20140819_070913Early yoga and a fresh cup of coffee!

IMG_20140819_141103Still looking at my quote from last weeks “Quote Of The Week”. It turned into my mantra over the last days.

IMG_20140820_171709After a long time of late nights at home, I finally took the opportunity and came home on Wednesday a little early. As I was super happy about it, I just had to celebrate it with some cakethe best and probably most sugary one ever: Carrot Cake from Starbucks. So yumm!

IMG_20140821_082843I started adding chocolate powder to my zoats in the morning. So good!

IMG_20140821_185030Yippee! My bestie is back!

IMG_20140822_075012And she gave me this super cute anchor charm – Thank you!

IMG_20140823_193755Spent my Saturday night in bed with my comfy socks on and an ombre drink in my hand. Perfect.

IMG_20140824_113950Yep. As every Sunday, pancake breakfast!

Have a great Monday and start in the next week!



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