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Quote Of The Week – Dream big!

Over the last months, I’ve been learning a lesson over and over again, but only slowly I am starting to learn. So as a little reminder or a mantra, I am sharing my thoughts with you today.

If something good, surprising, amazing happens in my life I get super excited and immediately feel the urge to share my news with someone. Nothing bad about it, except that I have high expectations about the reaction from the person I share my news with – in this case usually something around my blog. I am lucky to have friends and family who are supporting me and are happy for me even though they might not understand what is so “big” about my news, but they try, they give their best. But still, there is this little disappointment in me, wishing for them to understand me, share my dreams, get as excited as I am. Well the truth is, they can’t. I am asking them to get excited about a world, they don’t know, they might not even want to know – they don’t blog, they don’t tweet, they don’t get excited when you have a new comment on your last post. We don’t share the same dreams, we are not trying to accomplish the same goals, we have different visions of our life’s. And that is okay! As long as my friends and family are happy for me, everything is okay. But still I am having a hard time accepting that. I get disappointed, feel misunderstood. But I am learning, step by step. And one day, I will accomplish this lesson. Have accepted that people are following different dreams. I don’ want to sound egoistic, but at the end of the day, it is your life, your happiness. In other words:

Aim high!


What are your dreams? Do you have the same feeling? Getting disappointed because you feel misunderstood? Can you share your dreams with friends and family?



8 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week – Dream big!

  1. Gefällt mir auch total gut – ich hab von Fit and Sparkling Life mal rüber geschaut zu dir, weil das Thema im Moment auch für mich persönlich eins ist, wo ich immer wieder drüber stolpere…
    Menschen ändern sich, ihre Träume ändern sich und sogar gute Freunde können es einfach nicht verstehen… das ist sehr schade, aber in einer Sache hast du Recht: Es ist unser Leben, unser Glück, unsere Entscheidung und da muss man auch mal “egoistisch” sein, obwohl das ja eigentlich das falsche Wort ist – “mutig” gefällt mir besser 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

    • Du hast recht: mutig ist wirklich viel besser: ) Es ist wir schade, dass so viele Bligger damit Probleme zu schein haben. Und komisch, dass so wenige bereit zu sein scheinen, die kreative Welt zu entdecken. Aber ein Glück haben wir uns. Wir Blogger halten zusammen : )
      Liebe Grüße, Ronja

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