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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 33

What have all bloggers and Instagrammers in common? The love for Sunday mornings, spend with coffee and blogging. At least that is what I figured out this morning while I was browsing through my Instagrem feed : ) And I do love Sunday’s. More than any other day. And since my weeks got super busy and I am working from Monday till Saturday, that love has grown even bigger. Can you share that love?

As you’ve seen in my August Goals, this month my focus is to find balance in life. So when I saw Rachel Brathen introduce the #yogagirlchallenge on her Instagram account, I was hooked from the first minute. The challenge is all about finding balance, feeling better in your body, making a change or letting go of negativity. One of the main “tasks” is to do yoga each day, which I funnily already started a couple of days before, and meditating each day, which I wanted to learn for months now.
So far I’ve been doing it and I love the changes I can already see. It seems to be a perfect way to balance out my stress from studying. The last days I enjoyed – I was actually craving it – rolling out my yoga mat at night and having about an hour for myself. It helped me to find balance, to release the stress and to feel great. The funny thing is I almost feel a little addicted : ) And if you follow me on Instagram you could tell, right? The daily yoga and meditation sessions also combine perfectly with my goals this month. So my favorite activities these days were actually doing yoga and also my 30min without laptop before going to bed were often times spend on the mat.

But now I let the pictures to the rest of the talking : )

IMG_20140812_075239I was in such a mood for plums this week. Nom Nom.

IMG_20140812_200613Besides doing yoga each day, I also started to drink a smoothie a day. No idea why, I just felt for it!

IMG_20140813_171048A little #ootd from the library. Loving my new necklace.

IMG_20140813_204837Cheers to #yogagirlchallenge!

IMG_20140814_221838Made it comfy during my nightly yoga session with a candle.

IMG_20140816_085557Black and white working day. Except the shoes, they just had to add a little something : )

IMG_20140816_183604Celebrating the beginning of my weekend with flowers from the farmers market. Love, big time.

IMG_20140816_205911And then I came home to find the cutest package ever! Thank you so much Jenny!

IMG_20140817_085054The bf made me coffee this morning, but I didn’t stay much longer in bed…

IMG_20140817_100903 (1)because I decided to do yoga on the balcony to fight some negative thoughts making its way. It was the best coffee I ever had: Made with love and drunk while finding myself!

IMG_20140817_113335Guess what? Pancakes Sunday : )

How was your week? And maybe soe of you have some tips about meditation – it doesn’t come so easy for me to stick with it –  or good YouTube videos for new yoga poses – I am starting to feel a little limited in my knowledge?



5 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 33

  1. Ronja, diese Blumen….ich bin total verliebt, jedes Mal wenn ich sie sehe!!
    Guck mal bei Youtube unter HappyandFitYoga – da gibts viele Videos und ich persönlich finde, dass sie das richtig gut macht!
    Wie lange dauern deine Yoga Sessions? Ganz liebe Grüße!!

    • Ich auch! Die gab es bei uns auf dem Markt! Ich glaube das mach ich jetzt Samstags immer so: Vor der Arbeit noch Blumen fürs Wochenende kaufen!
      Dann werde ich den Channel gleich mal googln : ) Danke dir!

  2. Richtig schöner Blogpost! Ich hab im Juli auch eine Yoga-Challenge gemacht und gemerkt, wie viel Energie und Kraft man daraus zieht. Ich bin übrigens total verliebt in Deine Bettwäsche, die sieht so kuschlig aus, so eine möcht ich auch haben!
    Liebe Grüße

      • Das dacht ich mir fast schon, Ikea hat einfach immer tolle Bettwäsche 🙂 Ja, hab zwar eine kurze Pause eingelegt (bin das erste Mal in meinem Leben auf Wallfahrt gegangen), aber bin wieder dabei. Man fühlt sich schon mit 20 Minuten Yoga am Tag einfach um einiges besser 🙂

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