The Grateful Journal…And A Little Bit About Happiness

A few days before June ended, I sat down on a quiet Sunday with my journal on my laps and a pen in my hand. I was thinking about the month that has past, what has happened, how I felt and what I wished for in the next month. Inspired by the book I’ve been reading “The Happiness Project”, I’ve been thinking about ways to find more happiness. And I had noticed, how easy it was for me to get caught up in the little, not so nice things, that can happen each and every day. And with my exams coming up, those things can be found on any day. I am not someone to be complaining a lot nor am I a negative person. Still, I thought I could improve. Luckily, right in time I got inspired by Nikki Sharp, who was doing a 30 Day Happiness Challenge. In her videos she mentioned, that she was writing a grateful journal, and of course I was immediately hooked by that idea.
So after writing my grateful journal for more than a month, I finally want to share all my thoughts about it with you!


We all have bad days. Each and every one of us – even the ones that seem to have it all. Each of us is living a life – a life with ups and downs, happy times and sad moments, with challenges, with laughter, with tears. We all start the same – with the first breath we take. And we all have bad days.


Ever since I grew older, I was amazed by the “happy people”. The people we meet who are always shining bright. And I wanted to be one of them. Over the last month, I came to the conclusion that the whole magic of it was lying inside of us – we create our own happiness. How? By the way we think. Imagine this: You wake up in the morning thinking “Oh, I have so much to do. This day is going to be so busy and no fun. Can I just stay in bed and never get up? What a bad day!“. Same scenario, but a little different: You wake up in the morning thinking “Oh, what a beautiful day! I have a lot to do, but I woke up fresh and have the whole day to finish my task. But first I am going start with a fresh breakfast to fill up on energy. And tonight, when I come home, I am going to reward myself with a nice dinner.” 
I am sure you know what I want to say. The way we think has a huge impact on the way we feel. Still, knowing and believing that, there are days when I get completely negative and I don’t see a single thing, that made me happy that day. Here the grateful journal comes in!

The idea: Each day before going to bed, I sat down with my journal and wrote down one thing I’ve been grateful/thankful/happy for that day. That’s it.

DSC_4073Luckily I had my One Line A Day Journal (find more about it HERE), that I had been ignoring the months before. I loved sitting down at the end of a day and picking my one thing I was thankful for. There were days that I was so happy and content that I had problems picking just one thing and other days, I felt there was nothing to be grateful for. But the amazing thing about this challenge: You will always find one thing you are grateful for that day! Even if it was just the coffee you had in the morning. I promise. – You can get more insights on my grateful journal HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


Writing a grateful journal has become a ritual for me. Every night before I turn off the light, I take maybe 2-5 minutes and review my day. A little tip: Have your grateful journal on your nightstand, right in sight. That way you won’t be able to forget. And if you are like me, you might even have a pretty notebook standing unwritten in one of your shelves – ready to start! What do you think? Are you in?



7 thoughts on “The Grateful Journal…And A Little Bit About Happiness

  1. Also ich muss ja wirklich mal sagen, das ist ne super Idee!!
    ich bin ja sowieso schon ein sehr positiver Mensch und Robert sagt immer ich wäre ein Sonnenschein, aber sich diese Momente bewusst zu machen, ist vielleicht zusätzlich gar nicht schlecht 🙂 LG Jenny

  2. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie sehr man seinen Alltag und seine Zufriedenheit beeinflussen kann, wenn man seine Denkweise nur ein ganz kleines bisschen in eine andere (positivere) Richtung lenkt! Auch, dass man die kleinen Dinge erst richtig zu schätzen lernt, wenn man sie sich direkt vor Augen ruft. Es aufzuschreiben ist für diese Zwecke sicher eine gute Möglichkeit. Erst vor kurzem habe ich mir ein neues kleines Notizbuch gekauft, einfach weil ich es schön fand. Verwendung hatte ich – bis ich deinen Post gelesen habe – dafür noch keine. Jetzt weiß ich, was ich damit machen werde 😀

    Liebe Grüße

    • Oh ich freue mich, dass ich dich inspirieren konnte! Das war ja auch meine Intention von diesem Post : ) Und du hast recht, man kann seine Zufiedenheit durch nur ganz kleine Dinge verändern!
      Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß beim Schreiben.
      Deine Ronja

    • I agree the book is awesome! Every page an inspiration. The blog is great. I started following her a little bit back. Did you know she also has a daily quote newsletter? It great.
      Xoxo, Ronja

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