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World Of Inspiration # 4

Today’s favorites are really a funny mix – get ready for some healthy recipes, a thoughtful post about speaking your mind, a picture I fell in love with and a letter to the all the german magazines out there. Here is round 4 of my World of Inspiration!

Wold of Inspiration

1. Speak your heart

Since I started blogging a lot of things have changed in my life, in my way of thinking, my behavior, my rituals and a lot more. One of the biggest changes I noticed is that I finally found a passion. Something I love to do and would love to spend my entire day on – blogging. For years I’ve been having a really hard time to speak my mind and open up about my thoughts, opinions, dreams. I have no idea why, but maybe part of it is because I wasn’t sure about all those things. Turns out starting to write on this blog gave my whole life a new direction and nowadays I love nothing more than to speak my heart. I was glad to find THIS post from Darling Magazine, which made me remember all this.

2. Liebe Modemagazine

For my german readers: When I read the words Franzi had written down in THIS post, I felt as if she was speaking my mind. What is going on with the german magazines? Is it just us or are you also getting a little bit bored of them? I used to love buying the Instyle, Cosmopolotain or Glamour, but nowadays reading them in the waiting room before a doctors appointment every other month, covers my curiosity completely. The only magazine I still invest money on is the Flow Magazine – you can find a post I wrote about it here.

3. I fell in love with a picture! 

I have no idea why, but when I saw THIS post from Kathi on her blog, I fell in love with the first picture of it right away. Why? I can’t put a finger on it! I simply love itelegant, classy, simple, pretty. It doesn’t exactly send out a message, and still it seems to be talking to me, telling me a whole story. In the end it did get me inspired to take out my own nail polish again (see HERE) – something I haven’t done in ages.

4. Smoothie and Juice Lover

If you are a little instagram lover as me, you have probably noticed the new trend: Homemade Juices! And I have to admit, all those pictures triggered my instincts as well: I want juice! But since I don’t have a juicer or even a place for it in our tiny little kitchen I have to stick to my smoothies – as you could see HERE, HERE and HERE if you follow me on Instagram. But ever since I saw Vicky’s two post (HERE and HERE – and there are more juice recipes coming on her blog!) and then also Nina’s post, I simply cannot stop dreaming about a juicer. But as much as I wish for one, for now I am gonna stick to my smoothies!

Do you have favorites from your daily blogger feed? I would love to read trough your favorites as well!



P.s. It is Hump Daythe weekend is coming fast : )

5 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration # 4

  1. Vom Entsafter träume ich ja auch schon seit langem, aber das weißt du ja bereits 🙂
    Meine Top 3 waren:
    Ein tolles und günstiges Peeling von Masha
    Die Office Wishlist von Daily Dose – mein Umzug rückt ja immer näher 😉
    Ein Nachtpickink, mit tollen Rezepten und Bildern 🙂 ich liebe Joanna einfach 🙂

    • Hallöchen!
      Die Office Wishlist fand ich auch supi…auch ohne Umzug einfach zum träumen : )
      Den Blog Liebesbotschaften kannte ich noch gar nicht-der erste Blick ist herrlich. Da verbinge ich wohl heute meine Mittagspause : )
      Und auch das Peeling ist mir neu. Das wird direkt mal nachgelesen: )
      Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar!

  2. Hey, schöne Liste. Besonders schön finde ich das Bild aus dem Sommerliebe post. Ich glaube ich weiß was du meinst, mit dem nicht ausmachen können, was so schön daran ist, irgendwie ist es einfach insgesamt toll.
    Liebe Grüße, Lou.

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