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Just 5 minutes ago I read this quote HERE and was caught by it right away. It shows exactly what I struggle with so many times. I can think hours or even days about doing something, instead of actually getting up and doing it. In all honesty, this can drive me nuts. And it did just 5 minutes ago. I decided to go home early to get some things done and work on a little project – that I’ve been thinking about the whole weekend – but I ended up reading lot’s of posts – which is of course fun, but not the reason I went home early. So this quote came right in time. And just as it says, I decided to post my Quote Of The Week one day earlier and not try to learn how to braid my hair, since 1) I actually know how to do it the way I like 2) I am rarely making a braid after I cut my hair a few months ago.

So here is what I am gonna do after publishing this:

1) Make two phone calls.

2) Transfer money.

3) Prepare tomorrows post.

4) Work on my project.

5) Answer my mails.


Do you sometimes feel the same way? Can you also get caught up with the thoughts of doing something rather than actually doing it?



One thought on “Quote Of The Week

  1. Wow, jetzt hast du mich aber neugierig auf dein Projekt gemacht 😉 Ich hoffe, ich bekomme noch ein paar Infos dazu :))

    Klar kenne ich das…passiert mir fast täglich und ich finde es einfach entsetzlich. Wie kann sowas eigentlich trotz To do Listen passieren?? Es ist mir ein Rätsel!!

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