Thoughts I Had While Journaling Last Night


It is the second night in a row that I am sitting in bed, writing in my journal. It has been over a month. How could I manage not to write for over a month? Good question. I just write a post about the benefits of writing…

There are so many ideas going around in my head, but I simply can’t grab them. While reading posts just now, I realized all of a sudden that I wasn’t actually reading them, more keeping myself busy. Such a flurry inside. “Okay, Ronja, just stop. Turn the laptop off, brush your teeth and see what you actually WANT to do.” So ended up with my journal in bed. I am super glad that I did. All of a sudden the pieces are falling into place. I am calming down.

I should really go for a run tomorrow, that will help sort through everything.

This could turn into a blog post. Can it? Well, why not. Let’s see.

It is funny how much my life changed over the last 8 months since I started So This Is What. Is it cheesy to say, that after 24 years all those loose pieces are slowly falling together, creating an amazing picture – ME? Even if it sounds cheesy, that is how I feel. So many things that I couldn’t put in a box before, where I didn’t know where they belong – do they show a weakness? A strength? – are all of a sudden making sense. They are ME. They are who I am. This is ME. This blog is ME. Am I sharing too much? What is too much? As long as I feel comfortable everything is possible. Wasn’t it exactly what I read on someone’s post yesterday. This is my little space. Here I am ME. Me and nothing else! (Find the post HERE. The part I refer to is way at the end)

Miley Cyrus really rocks on this song! (Find it at the end of the post. It has been my favorite songs for two years, even though I don’t have a thing with Miley herself. But this song? Amazing!)

The golden rule of blogging: Organize and stay true to yourself. Why did I always think that organizing my posts takes away my creative freedom? Just because I write a post the night before doesn’t mean that I won’t agree with it the next day. Because be fair with yourself, if you wouldn’t agree with it the next day, you would never hit the “publish”-button. That much you can really trust yourself. And this might sound nerdy, but planning ahead makes blogging a lot more fun for me. Okay, I have a lot more thoughts about it, I should write a post on that, should I?

I need some new music. I wonder what the favorite songs of my readers are. And not just that, who is actually reading my blog. Who are my readers? (Care to share?) 

Stupid headache. You really are on my nerves. By the way, why are you coming so often anyways? Not to be unfriendly, but I really don’t like you that much. You don’t know why? I think you know exactly why! You make me slow, not able to work and be productive. And you know very well how much I like being productive. That is actually another change. Eight months ago I didn’t mind watching TV that much. And now? I rarely watch any. And I love it that way. So, my headache friend, shall we call it a night?



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