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World Of Inspiration # 3

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1. & 2. Away From Technology

I discovered tow posts last week that covered the same topic as I did when I published “No Time Without Technology” two weeks ago. One was written by the lovely Hannah from “Projekt Gesund Leben”. She went on vacation for one week and decided to do a little “Digital Detox”: One week without internet, no smartphone and no laptop, spending time with her beloved one. And to the fear of missing out on something she could only answer one thing “Das ist nicht der Fall!” (translates into “That is not the case”).
Also Lena from Leonie Löwenherz got a little to much from all the social media and the constant sound her smartphone was making when she got texts or likes on Instagram. Not just from that but also from the pressure and comparison coming with Social Media. So she took a little time away from Instagram and Co. to remind herself of the world outside of the screen – read about it HERE.
Note: Both posts are written in German.

3. Food Is Not Just Fuel, Also Medicine!

Two years ago, when I started to get interested in health, fitness, and so on, it was because I was unhappy with my body, because I wasn’t feeling comfortable and because I wanted to loose weight. Back than I looked at food and their calories. That has completely changed: Nowadays I look at food and think about what good it does for my body and not how many calories it counts. What good does it do for me? What food will make me wake up in the morning full of energy? I have a sore throat – what food will help me healing?
I am glad that THIS post from Darling Magazine reminded me of the change of thinking that has been going on over the last two years. Because I am so happy it did. To me, asking the question above is what I like to call health, not counting calories, depriving yourself from food and being miserable. But as I said, I think I need to write a seperate post about it : )

4. Question Of Life

This week Gretchen Rubin asked a question I’ve been wondering about my whole life:

I understand why we find it tough to make habits to do something that we don’t want to do, but why is it often so hard to make a habit to do something we do want to do? That we love to do? “

Source: Gretchen Rubin



I have been seeing the cover of this book all over my Instagram and was wondering ever since what it is all about, but never found the time to google it. Well, just yesterday Kayla did that job for me, when she published what she learned while reading #GIRLBOSS HERE. And I have to say it is high on my reading list ever since. Have you read it? What is your feedback? I guess as soon as I finish the book I am reading right now, this one will make it in my shopping cart.

So these were my favorite of the last week –  what are yours?



One thought on “World Of Inspiration # 3

  1. Der “Girlboss” Post war auch mein Favorit, das Buch will ich unbedingt lesen.
    Aber auch dieser Post von “A beautiful mess” fand ich super:
    (die übrigens 1 Million Leser pro Monat haben!)

    Da Darling Magazin kannte ich noch gar nicht…die haben das gleiche Layout wie ich es mir bei Themeforest ausgesucht habe 😉 (Zumindest sehr ähnlich, ob es das gleiche ist weiß ich nicht)

    Liebe Grüße!!

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