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Quote Of The Week

Last week I went to a concert of our student orchestra. I usually don’t listen to classical music in my free time, but for the last three semesters I went to their concerts everytime. And I enjoy it so much. As soon as the violins start playing, I am off to a completely different worlda creative one, I have to say. For one and a half hours so many ideas, images, thoughts, writings and quotes are going through my head. It is a similar to what I experience when I am running.

No one is going...



Isn’t it true? If we don’t see the beauty, intelligence, strength or power in ourselves, why would anyone else? I believe that cheering for yourself, no matter what anyone else is saying, is one of the biggest power any human has. But I know that it’s not always easy. There are days when everything seems so difficult, that I struggle to believe in myself. But self-awareness is the first step to improvement, right? It seems that as I get older, it becomes easier to believe in myself and the moments that I struggle so much are getting less and less. But just as a little reminder to all of us, I thought I share my thoughts with.

Have a great day and remember: You are amazing, just the way you are.



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