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Goals Of The Month: August

I cannot even describe how fast the last months went by. So many things happened, especially on the university side, that even though I enjoyed publishing my travel diaries from our summer vacation up for more than 3 weeks, it seems like months ago that I got on the plane. I still remember the time I was little and I was listening to my mom and dad talking to their friends – and I loved doing so as a kid – and everyone said that time was running by so fast. I didn’t feel that way at all and couldn’t understand what they mean. Well, now I know!

As a little reminder, these were my goals for July:

July Goals

Every week I updated you on how each of them was going – you can read about it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. But of course I want to summarize it all.

My first goals was to write a grateful journal each day. And I honestly managed to do so. Apart from maybe two or three days, I set down each night for a moment to think about something I was grateful for each day. Even on the nights I felt awful and as if nothing good came out of the day, I managed to find something good. But since some of you asked, I will write a separate post about my idea of a grateful journal.

As you could see in the posts linked before, I didn’t manage my set workout routine every week. I started the month quite motivated, but soon found myself overwhelmed by the stress of my exams in fall. After spending more than 10h away from home, I simply couldn’t get myself to go for a run. But I did usually take my bike to the library each day, which counts at the end about 18km. To me that is already the first step, but I do plan on finding a routine for myself, because sport is simply the best against stress.

Also the research I planned about clean eating was maybe a goal, I’ve set in the beginning of July a little too motivated. Again, my studies played a big role in why I didn’t have too much time on hand to organize the project I had in mind. But through my daily feed (Fit And Sparkling Life, Projekt Gesund Leben, PopSugar) I had enough inspiration each day to stay on a healthy track, which is everything I was aiming for.


Well, now it is time for some new goals! I know it might seem as if I don’t actually accomplish every goal I set, but I am okay with that. I am still trying to set realistic goals, which doesn’t come so easy for me, since my studies for my exams just started and I am still trying to find out how much pressure I can put on myself. So for this month I was thinking about goals, that helped me to relax and stay in a balance between studying and my normal life. I wanted to set goals that are not very time consuming, but helping me to prevent too much stress. So here is what I came I with:

August Goals


1. My first goal was set because I got the feeling over the last weeks, that I spend so much time in front of my laptop – you could read all about that in the post “No Tome Without Technology” – and rarely time without it. I kept getting the feeling that closing the laptop and going to bed right after, doesn’t give me a very relaxing sleep. I am getting so inspired at night when I work on my blog, but there is no time to get that inspiration really set in. So for the next four weeks I will try to turn off my laptop at least 30 min. before I go to bed. I believe this won’t be easy for me : ) How is your nighttime routine? Are you also working until the last minute?

2. With my second goal I want to make sure that the university stuff doesn’t take over my entire life. Yes, there is so much to do and I could probably spend my entire time studying, but my boyfriend said something this week to me, when I was overwhelmed by it all, that is stuck in my mind.

We work and study in order to live. We don't live in order to study and work.

And he is right. So instead of only writing my university to do’s in my calender, I am also going to make time each day for a “fun” activity. Well, that could be anything: a date night, working on a blog post, trying a new recipe, a yoga session, watching a movie, write in my journal, read a book, drink a tea, listen to an audio book. The list is endless. I have to say I am pretty excited about this goal. And I already know I will sit in the library each morning and start thinking about my fun activity of the day before even one minute of work : ) But oh well, it’s not as if we can work 24/7.

Since I love my grateful journal and I do need to workout, these two goals from July will stay. But they won’t be my center of attention in August. The grateful journal is already a habit and sport will always play a role in my life.

I am curious: Did you already set goals for August or the rest of the year? Would you like to share them?



2 thoughts on “Goals Of The Month: August

  1. Du hast einen ganz flugen Freund und er hat so Recht. Ich verliere mich im Moment auch in Arbeit und Uni-Kram, vor 2 Stunden hab ich Schluss gemacht und endlich mal meinen Laptop von Papierkram befreit und starte jetzt mit Roberts Steuererklärung für 2012 (!!). Auch nicht schön, aber es liegt mir schon so lange auf dem Herzen das ich froh bin, wenn es endlich mal weg ist!!

    Du hast mich gerade angefixt auch so einen ähnlichen Post zu den verschiedenen Zielen im Monat zu machen…ist eigentlich ne super Idee 🙂 Vor allem das Reflektieren am Ende!
    Meine Ziele sehen so aus:
    1. Ordentlicher und weniger essen – ich bin Stress-Esser, ich esse zwar clean aber im Moment viel zu viel, was ich durch die Lernerei nicht durch Sport kompensieren kann (so siehts halt auch auf der Waage aus ;))
    2. Ganz viel für die Uni machen, damit ich gut vorbereitet für meine Klausuren bin
    3. Kaylas Trainingsplan erfüllen
    4. Den Umzug so gut es geht meistern

    Zu deinem Laptop-Thema: Es ist wissenchaftlich bewiesen, dass das blaue Licht von Laptop und TV die Produktion des Schlafhormons hindert und man somit Probleme beim Einschlafen/Schlafen hat. Dazu werde ich demnächst mal etwas veröffentlichen, denn Schlafprobleme sind neben Kopfschmerzen “mein” spezielles Thema 🙂
    Wow, der längste Kommi ever, glaub ich 😀
    Liebe Grüße!!

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