World Of Inspiration # 2

I cannot believe it, but another week went by so quickly, that it is time for another round of inspiration. The funny thing is, that now that I started this series, I find myself with a lot less time on hand to actually read all the posts in my feed everyday. Studying for my exams, actually does make me a lot more busy. But even though I did not read every post, I still found so many new ideas out there. Enough for another round of inspiration.

It seems that the last days I spend a lot of time thinking about myself, analyzing my feelings and reflecting my behavior. Over the last two years I came to the conclusion that this side of me, that is always competing with myself (see HERE) might take up a lot of energy, but is actually a strength of mine. Why am I writing this? Because it seems that today’s post all cover topics as learning about yourself, personal growth or finding time for yourself. But without further ado, here are my favorite ones.

Wold of Inspiration


1. Feeling Confident

Just last night, right before writing this post, Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere published a post with her steps to a find a better confidence about yourself – HERE. Of course I took the time to read this post, since it perfectly fitted this week’s theme. Especially her fourth tip “How To Say No” stayed on my mind. With my days being so busy I noticed I care a lot more about how to spend my evenings than before. Doing something that is not so much fun for me appears to be a lot harder to do than before. Therefore, I am trying to pay a lot more attention to my own needs and desire to spend my free time – just as write now, spending time with blogging. But following that desire sometimes requires to say “no”.

2. Celebrating Yourself

Another favorite mine comes from a website I just discovered this weekend: Best Friends For Frosting. So far I haven’t had time to fully discover the blog, but I already found a post with ideas of how to celebrate yourself everyday, which is something I sometimes forget to do myself.

3. Taking a break

As Darling Magazine wrote so perfectly HERE, we are all super busy in life. We wake up everyday, rush from A to B, with our To Do list in hand, trying to cross off as many items as we possibly can. But we all know that sometimes we need to take a break to fill up our batteries. This is how I answered their question ” How do you find pause in the busyness of life?”.

“To be honest, I found this pause in life with adding more work to it: my blog. Nothing gives me more pleasure and relaxation than my blog. I am my own boss there, I surround myself with things I love, I research what I am interested in,I am just me. It is really funny, but by adding my blog to my life 7 months ago, and people might think it’s so much more work, I found the perfect way to relax myself.”


So what do you guys do to find that pause in your life?

4. Limbo Land

A little bit different, but also matching this week’s topic was THIS post by Chapter Friday, in which they pointed out the upsides of being a night owl. When it comes to studying and work I am quite an early bird. I rather get up at 6am. and be done at 5pm. then getting up at 10am. and still working at 10pm. But when it comes to blogging and being creative in general, I figured out that I am quite a night owl myself. It seems to me that as soon as the sun sets, my creative energy flows through my body. Especially when entering limbo land. Which Chapter Friday describes as the following:

“That moment right before you fall asleep – also known as limbo land – must be one of the most magical creative moments (besides coming up with groundbreaking solutions for world problems when you’re in the shower). Your lifesaver is the notebook you have lying around your bed.”


You have no idea how happy I was to find out that there is an actual name for this very special moment, which we have probably all discovered in our lives. I love it!


So what about you? Are you also always working so hard on yourself? Do you enjoy reading posts which cover these kind of topics as well?

Please feel free to add your favorite links in the comments below, so we can create our Inspiration Talk for this week. Getting inspired by each other and finding something unknown in the world wide web out there, is what I love about blogging. I am looking forward to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “World Of Inspiration # 2

    • Ich find die website auch super! Kennst du denn das Flow Magazine? Das ist nämlich auch supiii! Und ich hab eben auf Instagram entdeckt, dass ich die neuste Ausgabe um 10 Tage verschwitzt habe : ( Naja jetzt ,ach ich es mir mit ner Tasse Tee gemütlich 🙂

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