Quote Of The Week

Just a little quote for today. Since I always love reading new ones and usually find a meaning for myself in them, I thought I start sharing some with you. The original was a little different, but I changed it up to my taste.

Well, you know this time, when you can actually feel how hard your mind & soul are working, changing, adapting, processing? I usually have a lot bigger need to sleep, since all that inner work is taking up so much energy. But in the end, I can see that whatever happened inside definitely had a positive effect. Made me better

If you continue-Slider 2


I hope you have a great Tuesday!




6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week

      • Hey, ich kenne eine Poetin :)) Mit der Mail schaffe ich es heute leider nicht mehr, es geht jetzt mit meinem Bruder ins Fitness…aber morgen früh direkt, versprochen 🙂 Schönen Abend und ganz liebe Grüße!

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