Le Pen – Writing in Color

After talking about my new Filofax last week (see HERE), I thought it was about time to share a little secret with you. I love stationeries. I can get as excited about a new pen than a new skirt. And I can also spend quite a lot of money on them. No problem : ) I used to think that was weird things, but with blogs, social media or YouTube I realized there are so many others out there getting excited about stationary products as well. So I thought about it and decided why not share my new favorite pens with you. After all, they are entertaining me everyday at the library.


Le Pen has been around the social-stationery-fans, I think especially in the US,  for a while and of course while browsing the internet I came across them too. At first I was wondering what could make “some normal” pens so interesting, apart from their super clean look, which impressed me right from the start. But people kept raving about them, so I got pretty curious. Well, in the end, I had some money left last months and decided to see for myself. So I order pack via amazon (find them HERE).


I bought a pack of ten for around 14€, which included two black, two blue and six color pens. So I played around with them in different notebooks and on different papers. To me, they fit my hand nicely and write very smooth & thin, which I liked a lot. At the beginning they might scratch the paper a little, also depending on the texture, but that gets less after writing a few lines. The colors come out very well and are for my taste well chosen. They are pretty similar to the typical, at least in Germany, Stabilo Finliner ones. At first I couldn’t make out a difference, but after writing a little longer, I actually felt the Le Pen’s were writing better to me. Of course, this difference is not very big and I would say you can easily stay with Stabilo’s as well. Apart from the writing feeling, they way they shine through the paper was important for me, where I couldn’t make out difference between these two brands. They both shine through the paper, just like any other pen. In the end, I am happy I decided to give them a try, because I do like they way they lay in my hand a lot. Also, they are super pretty and a nice change during my long days at the library.



Do you know these pens? Have you tried them before? And can you even share my love for stationeries?



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