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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 30

It is five o’clock and so far it has been a wonderful lazy Sunday. I actually just woke up from a little nap and feel as if my day just started: craving a coffee and wonderful fresh and ready to work : ) But I wasn’t that lazy after all. I finally managed to workout and went on a run this morning, which felt great! Of course that was followed by a big pancakes brunch, sadly without the bf because he was still out there running a record 42km- so proud of him. I was actually planning to try a recipe I created this week, but being a little exhausted after my run I just wanted to know what ever I made would be for sure tasty. So I stuck with my all time favorite pancakes recipe – you can find it HERE.

But my week. Let’s see. I think you could resume it like this: So productive with studying & blogging, super tired in the evening, which turned into the funniest moments with my bf ever, not going out with friends at all but having so much fun on my own, ruining my calendar on a super rainy day – my whole backpack was soaked, luckily not the book from the library, but instead my calendar -, lot’s of writing to a new friend (Hi you!), meeting my uncle & aunt for a glass of wine who spontaneously stopped by for a night, a lot of ideas and fulling a dream of mine- a Filofax. I’ve been getting a little annoyed by my three notebooks: a calendar, a notebook for my university (having exams really needs so much organizing) and a notebook for all things about my blog. I’ve been thinking about buying a Filofax for a while since it seemed like the perfect solution, but I was still resisting. So I tried to use an online calendar. In short: That is not working for me at all. So after my calender got soaked in water, I saw it as a sign and splurged on a Filofax – you can find a picture of it later on.

Four days of this month and then it is time to set some new goals. I am still trying to make my mind about the most important one. Are you planning on setting some goals as well?

Here you can find the posts from this week:


Staring my week as always with a bowl of oatmeal, lot’s of fruits and an espresso. Best breakfast ever.


I finally came around to try the Raw Bite, when I visited a friend at her work – an organic store – during a study break. Pretty expensive, but also pretty good.


Treating myself with a soy milk and honey. Even as a child a honey milk made every worry go away.


Two days without fruits at home because neither the bf nor I had time to make shopping.


The day my calendar took a little bath. So much rain in just one day. I even got my fall boots out because I had no idea what shoes to wear. Maybe I should buy some Hunter Boots : )


And I found time to go grocery shoppingHello fruits!!


I am amazed by this book The Happiness Project. I have never been so inspired. A book review will follow for sure, as soon as I finish reading!


Hello my new friend! Let’s have a great time together!


Nothing beats pancake breakfast on Sunday. Nothing.


Today I got a little creative and designed these dividers for my Filofax. What do you think? Pretty girly, right? : )


July Goals – Update Week 4

July Goals

1. Insights on my grateful journal:

21.July 2014: I am grateful to watch a movie with my bf tonight.
22. July 2014: I am grateful for a glass of red wine and 
good company with my aunt & uncle.
25. July 2014: I am grateful/happy to full fill my dream of a Filofax.

2. Little sport review:

If you follow me on Instagram you could see that there was not one workout this week, until my run today. As guilty as I feel, I simply had no time and energy after long long days in the library to work out. But I took my bike each day, apart from the rainy Tuesday, and back and forth that already sums up to 16km, going up hill one way. I set this goal to make sure I find a balance to the stress about my exams, but I didn’t plan on stressing about it, because where is the positive effect then? Well, I am happy, I felt good this week and I am glad about my run today. And that is what counts.


3. Research Finds:

I started to reread my book from Tosca Reno “The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!” and getting inspired by that. I was planning on making a little series on my blog in August about health&fitness and clean eating, but I am not sure if I find the right time to prepare for it. But will see, right? : )
Also Jenny posted a wonderful snack idea this week: Banana, honey and coconut? Sounds like a dream come true for me! It is in german, but I am sure she would translate it for you if needed.


How was your week? Could you describe it in just a few words? Any goals for the last days of July?



4 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 30

  1. Wie lieb von dir 🙂 Danke :)) Ich habe ja am Anfang auf Deutsch und Englisch geschrieben, aber die Zeit hat mir dann doch gefehlt, ich will aber wieder damit anfangen – mehr dazu per Mail 😉
    Of course i translate the recipe in English, just a short message or comment!

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