No Time Without Technology

Last night I was sitting in bed with my laptop on my lab browsing through my favorite blogs. Just a minute before I’ve been sitting with my laptop at the dining table, but after 10h away from home, studying in the library, I thought it was more than needed to make myself more comfortable. My blogroll counted “351 unread posts”. Puhh, quite a lot. I was just too busy the last days. So I started reading. After a while, I noticed in the corner of my sight the book I was reading the last weeks “The Happiness Project” (if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen it HERE and HERE). Looking at that book I remembered that I had wanted to start making reading a habit again. I love a reading books, especially if they are as inspiring as this one. So while I looked at it, I also noticed the bookmark: After weeks of reading I am still not very far into it. Where does all my time go? The answer to that was pretty easy: My laptop.


As you know my exams are coming up this fall, which is why I spent the most of my days in the library. Of course, my laptop is with me. I read, I write, I mark, I note, I organize... all with my laptop. Even as a huge fan of planners I started to use the google calendar, because “It is more convenient“. I’ve always loved writing my notes by hand, because I simply learn better that way. Writing with my own hand, thinking about where to write what, which color code to use, seems to be the best way for me to remember the actual content. But guess what? I started to write my notes on my laptop too, why? “Because it is more convenient“.

So after I come home from the library and after preparing dinner, I end up in front of my laptop again. I read the newest blog posts from my feed, I edit pictures, I prepare new posts, I write emails, I research something, I skype, I talk to my friends with facetime, I watch a movie or I listen to music. And again, it all comes back to my laptop.


Whatever part of my life I want to cover – may it be my studies, my social life, my hobby, my love, my friends, my interests -, in all of them my laptop is involved. Living without a laptop? Not possible. We could start a discussion now if this is something good or bad and I am sure everyone of us will have a very different opinion. I am not trying to say that it is all bad, because a lot of the things I do with my laptop, like editing pictures or publishing new posts, can’t be done without it and are the activities I love doing most. But even though I am looking forward to do these things each day, I feel it might be time to make a bigger effort to spend time without my laptop. Because I wonder: How can I entertain myself without one? Can I still do so? In all honesty, I don’t know. But I think it is about time to figure that out. Here are a few ideas to make more time without technology:

1. How about picking a night each week, where the laptop is getting turned off and spending the time on other things, that don’t need the newest technology? Spontaneously trying new recipes – that you handwrote on a paper from the internet before : ) , reading, writing in my diary or playing board games come to my mind.

2. Another idea I had while writing this post was to figure out the activities I started doing with my laptop that could also be done without. For example, using my planer again instead of the google calendar. Or the first draft of a new post? I started to scribble down my ideas on my laptop, but if I am honest to myself, I enjoy writing with actual pen and paper a lot more.

3. Similar to my second idea, I think I should incorporate handwriting in my studies a lot more. I know I learn better that way. So why should I stop something of which I know it does good? People say using your laptop saves time, but I am not sure, does it really? You have to know I am not using all my 10 fingers to write : ) Also, my written exam will be 5 hours long and I think there won’t be a minute that I am not writing. But after months of not writing for such a long time, it could turn out pretty hurtful. That is something I need to avoid. As funny as it may sound, I need to practice handwriting again.


For now those are the first ideas that came to my mind. If you think about it, do you feel the same? Are you also such a laptop-addict? What “handwork” did you exchange with technology? Are there ways to change back?



9 thoughts on “No Time Without Technology

  1. Ja du hast Recht, man macht viel zu viel mit dem Laptop. Wobei ich sagen muss, ich mache gar nicht viel verschiedenes damit, ich verbringe nur viel Zeit davor (ich sag nur: Bloglovin ☺).
    Ansonsten bin ich sehr old school: Planer, to do Listen, Uni-Zusammenfassungen, Postideen…alles schreib ich meist in meine kleinen Notizbücher per Hand. Ich hab mal versucht meinen Planer abzuschaffen und alles per Google Kalender zu machen – Smartphone hat man ja immer dabei…dachte ich. Es endete in einer Katastrophe! 😆 lg Jenny

    • Also zur Zeit schleppe ich ihn jeden Tag von zu Hause in die Bib und wieder zurück. Ein Glück habe ich mir noch im April einen neuen gekauft…ich glaube mein alter hätte das nicht gepackt.
      Eigentlich bin ich wirklich auch der Papier und Stift-Typ, aber in den letzten Wochen kam ich davon ein bisschen ab. Nachdem ich den Post geschrieben habe, wurde mir bewusst wie viel mehr es mir aber liegt alles gut auf Zettel zu schreiben. Denn jetzt gerade habe ich überall ein bisschen. Und wie du schon sagst – Katastrophe : )

  2. Hey, I see where you coming from, the laptop or smartphone takes up a lot of actual living time. The past few weeks I’ve actually been struggling with useing my planner instead of my phone, but that doesnt always work so I end up with having some notes there, others there. Its a mess 😀

    • Oh I now what you mean. Right now I have my planner and my online calendar. Once I write there, then there. It is a mess indeed : ) But I think I need to go back to my old fashion style planer. What do you prefer – online or offline?

      • Usually online is easier, because it’s somehow always around, yet I believe we should just start carrying a planner everywhere, then it’ll also be at hand 😀 When it just comes down to the actual thing, I prefer offline. For sure.

  3. This is my first time reading your blog and this article really resonated with me. As a writer, I am constantly weighing the benefits of writing on a laptop writing on paper. The result is usually an odd, messy combo of handwritten notes and typed pieces.
    Your examination of the ties between creativity/memory and handwriting reminded me of my favorite college classes, taught be the renowned cartoonist Lynda Barry. Given your creativity and interest in moving away from technology, I thought you’d be interested in learning about her workshop: http://www.openculture.com/2013/01/join_cartoonist_lynda_barry_for_a_university-level_course_on_doodling_and_neuroscience.html.
    Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thank so much for your feedback. It is great to hear that others fell the same as me! I am sure to check out the link you sent me, thank you for that. I always love to get inspired, especially on those topics, because I find it hard to find nice blogs about those.
      Enjoy the upcoming posts and I hope I will hear you again.
      xo, Ronja

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