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World Of Inspiration # 1

Happy hump day to all of you! Today I want to introduce you to a new category on my blog: World Of Inspiration. After reading different blogs all over the world and getting inspired by every post, I thought it was about time to share my favorite picks with you. Getting inspired and being able to inspire you, my readers, was always my goal for So this is what. So why shouldn’t I share my favorite posts out there every other week with you? And what better day to do that than Wednesday, the middle of the week, when the first days of work have past and maybe the motivation right with it? At least I can say that I often need an inspiration-kick on Wednesdays :) 

Of course not only my favorites of this week should be shown here, but maybe you want to link to your favorite posts in the comments too? I would love to create a little “Inspiration Talk” every Wednesday were where share our favorite picks of the week in the comments. I am always trying to find new beautiful and interesting blogs and would love to get to know some over you. So let me know what you think about it in the comments below : )

Wold of Inspiration

1. New Chapters

With the beginning of this month, three bloggers from my blogroll quitted their jobs and turned  their blogs into a full-time job. Vicky and Kathi, who are both writing personal blogs and started running together the lovely website “The Daily Dose” last year – if you don’t know them yet, please check their blogs, they are definitely my role models – quit their “normal” jobs after a leap of faith and are now full-time bloggers. You can find their story HERE. It is one of the most inspiring posts this month to me!
At the same time Kayla published a very similar post on her blog “Not Your Standard”. As Vicky and Kathi, Kayla quit her job to put all her energy into her blog. I have to admit I envy those three girls, who seem to have found their “passion”, which is something I struggle with myself. And going this risk, quitting their jobs, to fulfill their dreams? Very impressive to me.

2. Finding a Workout Routine

Just two days after I told you about my goals for July, which included three times of sport a week, the lovely girls from Chapter Friday published the post “How To Make It Easier To Stick To A Work Out Routine. Really, It’s Possible”. This post came right in time for me and gave me the right push to stick to my own goals. One of their ideas was “Find a happy place”, which made me think to try to do some yoga and stretching outside in the backyard. But to be honest, I haven’t done that yet, but there are still 8 days of this month left, right? Enough time to try.

3. Do You Treat Your Body With Love?

From time to time I start reading the blog from Lauren Conrad and her team and almost every time I find some very interesting and inspiring post. Also last week, when I read “How To Love The Body You Have” by Lauren Conrad herself, which made me think a lot about my own way of looking at my body and the way I treat it too. I believe that I am by far not the only one who has struggled with her own body, so I would say this post is definitely a must read for every girl out there. Still now, after one week I keep thinking about it. And inspired by Lauren ConradI might even write a post myself about this topic as well.

4. Work Attidude

Not really a post, but more a quote inspired me at the beginning of this month, when Anna from Mangoblüte wrote the following quote in her post “Happy Monday?”:

You can't get much done in life if you only work on days when you feel good.

This quote gave me the right motivation for the time I am spending studying in the library, that sometimes seems never to end.

5. Happiness

Just recently I started to follow Gina and her german blog “Findungsphasen”. Together with Ani from Anidenkt, they write the series “Kaffeesätze” in which one of them starts writing down her thoughts about a certain topic and afterwards the other one follows with hers. I think it is a super nice idea and I love reading these posts. The last episode was about happiness, a topic I keep thinking about myself so much, and left me with a very inspired feeling after reading it. Especially this paragraph from Gina:

Es geht mir gut, sagt er, aber ich weiß, dass es nicht stimmt....
Glück, dieser ominöse Punkt in der Zukunft, an den man irgendwann
kommen wird, wenn man dieses erreicht hat oder sich jener Wunsch erfüllt.


So those have been my favorite 5 picks of the last weeks. What do you think about my new series? Did you check the posts I mentioned? Did you get inspired by them as well? And what inspired you the last week? Let’s start the Inpiration Talk in the comments below!



One thought on “World Of Inspiration # 1

  1. Da sind tolle Beiträge dabei…das ich auf Daily Dose stehe weißt du ja schon 😉 Die “Quotes” von Anna find ich meist auch ziemlich gut und treffend! Den Blog “not your standard” kannte ich zwar schon, aber von dem Post wusste ich noch nichts 🙂 ich muss mal nach meinen Favoriten suchen…es sind immer so viele tolle dabei! Aber deine Idee finde ich super!!

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