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Travel Diary: MILAN

The day of my last travel diary of my summer vacation arrived – and right in time since it is raining non stop today: It all started with the picture perfect VENICE, continued with the city of amazing light & beautiful little alleys VERONA, after a second of doubt we went on with our travels going to BERGAMO where we got surprised with a small old very charming town, and ended our trip with the crazy city MILAN.

I am not sure if it was because it was the end of the our trip or because we’ve already seen so many beautiful places, but Milan did not impress me at all. The weather was not too great as well, it was mostly gray, which is also the color I have in mind thinking about Milan now. We had no drive to take any pictures, there was no inspiration at all. I believe that Milan could be a lot of fun for a girls weekend with lot’s of money to spend, because there are lot’s of stores to shop. Apart from that there were two little areas that I liked a lot and that reminded me a little of my hometown Berlin. Well, we made the best out of it, kept our cameras mostly in our bags and enjoyed each others company. Still, I found a few pictures that I want to show you today. I am gonna miss publishing my travel diaries. But hopefully the next trip is coming soon.







Have you ever been in Milan? How did you like it? Would you go again?



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