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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 29

Oh my lovely Sunday, you really are my favorite day of the week. You have no idea how excited I was about you to arrive. Sleeping in, backing pancakes, cleaning the flat, preparing for a new week, blogging, runnningWith studying from Monday to Friday and working on Saturday I really found a perfect rhythm and I get to love Sunday’s even more : ) Anyone out there who shares my love with that day?

Apart from looking forward to my Sunday, I had a very productive week of studying. I got a lot done and did a good job handling the 11 subjects I am preparing for my exams. Until Thursday we also had two friends staying at our house, which was a lot more fun than I thought – I was thinking I would get stressed having to take care of my visit next to studying, but it turned out I didn’t have to worry about a thing. My highlights of this week were definitely hanging out with our friends and the graduation party I went to on Friday. As you could see here on Instagram, I got the chance to take my camera with me and shoot lots and lots of pictures. It was so much fun and made me realize again how much I love doing photography. Can’t wait to edit the pictures I took : )

I also got very inspired this week as you could see in my word heavy post on Wednesday. I still feel as if there are so many thoughts circling around in my head that need some time to be sorted through. But I am sure there will be something good coming out of them. That I can already feel. For now I am going to use my inspiration to introduce you to a new category next week. It is something I’ve been wanting to write about for months, but I couldn’t decide on a title : ) I know, you might laugh, but it actually stopped me from publishing the post. Well, this week I decided it didn’t matter what title I give my new series, as long as the content is how I wanted to be. So be excited to get inspired.


Oatmeal with Raspberry Sauce..nomnom!


My favorite photograph from Verona. Loved this woman! Last travel diary coming up this week : )

IMG_20140715_173811 My bf knew exactly what I needed in a moment I wasn’t feeling good – red roses.


My striped cup made me happy one morning. Later I realized that I was a red striped shirt as well.


Little bit of snacking after studying and before blogging.


Peanut butter in my yummy!


Got to pack my camera for the graduation party. So much fun.


Can you guess? Peanut butter in my breakfast was this weeks delight.


Pancakes breakfast. The best of Sunday!


Filling up with energy after my Sunday run.

July Goals – Update Week 3

July Goals

1. Insights on my grateful journal:

14. July 2014: I am grateful for riding my bike without rain today.
15. July 2014: I am grateful for my mom motivating me to go for a run.
16. July 2014: I am grateful for making new friends.

2. Little Sport review:

I have to say I am proud of myself for achieving my goal of three times sport a week. Not every workout always ends in tons of sweat, but that was never my intention. Like this week I needed to do some yoga and stretch out my pain in the back from all this sitting at the library. It felt awesome! Beside that I went on a run twice this week and have to say that I missed it so much.





3. Research Finds:

To be honest, I didn’t really research anything this week, there was just not enough time. But does going through my archive on the blog count? I did make my healthy power balls to have a sweet treat that is still healthy.



7 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 29

    • Ohh Danke! Wir haben fast drei Wochen auf ihn gewartet und ich bin auch ganz verliebt in ihn- deshalb ist er auch immer wieder mein Hintergrund : ) Es ist toll endlich einen Esstisch zu haben. Leider ist er etwas anfällig und hat schon die ersten Flecken. Naja, er ist ja zum benutzen da, nicht nur zum Anschauen.
      War deine Woche auch erfolgreich? Ich hoffe wir starten gut in die nächste : )

      • Darf ich fragen wo ihr ihn gekauft habt? Wir suchen nämlich noch einen tollen Esstisch für unsere neue Wohnung 🙂

        Ich denke von den Geschehnissen kann ich zufrieden sein, ich hätte allerdings mehr Sport machen können und mehr lernen können 😉 Aber gut, neue Woche, neues Glück! Ganz liebe Grüße aus Mainz!

      • Den haben wir bei XXXLutz gekauft…gibt es das Geschäft auch in Mainz? Ich liebe den Tisch wirklich sehr, aber er ist super anfällig ein Tröpfchen Wasser und schon ist ein Fleck drauf: ( Aber egal, wunderschön ist er!
        Und bist du gut in die Woche gestartet? : )

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