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Starting my week by remembering my summer vacation? Not too bad. But sitting at home, drinking tea and listening to the rain outside, does make me wonder where the summer went so quickly. (UPDATE: I think it is back : -) 

After spending some beautiful days in Venice and Verona, it was time to pack our bags and move on with our travel. When the bf and I discovered that out B&B was a little outside of the city, we were doubting for a moment if it was really worth to travel to Bergamo. Oh, am I happy we did! We had the cutest B&B in a little village outside of Bergamo in the house of a super cute old couple. They only spoke Italien, so I had to remember what I’ve been learning over the last years, after my brother moved to Italy, which was so much fun. During an evening walk we discovered the most beautiful chapel, that I have ever seen. Not that I plan on getting married any time in the near future, but this chapel was perfect. Very small, romantic, with a big yard, surrounded by trees and old buildings. The minute I saw it, I knew it was the place where I wanted to exchange vows if I ever decide to get married. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I know that I will remember this chapel. And maybe one day I’ll come back.
So after this amazing start to our stay in Bergamo, we went to discover the old town, “La Città Alta”, which is settled on top of a hill, overlooking Bergamo. Again, we spent a beautiful day walking around the little alleys, drinking coffee and taking lot’s of pictures. The atmosphere in the old town was amazing. It wasn’t crowded with tourists and at night it turned into a little art show, there were musicians, actors, a big band all over the city. “La Città Alta” is not too big, but definitely worth going there for a day. To give you a little impression, here are my favorite shots from that day.


Can you spy the men inside?





Amazing picnic –  definitely my favorite things to do when I am travelling.


DSC_3571-2 She loved being the center of attention of two photographers. Super cute. And again, I got to speak Italien and not just small talk : )


Sometimes we need to look closer to find the little treasures of life.



I can’t believe that it’s been only two weeks since I came back. It feels much longer. Well, one more city to show you guys – Milan! Stay tuned for that next week.

Have a great day.



One thought on “TRAVEL DIARY: Bergamo

  1. Wow, das schaut so traumhaft schön aus! In kleinen Örtchen außerhalb vom Stadtkern ist es meistens schöner, weil viel authentischer und nicht touristisch aufgebauscht. Bei unserem letzten Mallorcaurlaub ist das sehr ähnlich gewesen und ich habe das Örtchen, in dem wir gewohnt haben, total in mein Herz geschlossen!! Bin schon gespannt auf weitere Reiseberichte..:)
    LG, Vanessa

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