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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 28

What a week. So much studying that I didn’t get much else done. But for the exam-part, I feel pretty well. Got a lot done and know what will come next. I hope it stays that way : )
Being so busy the last week got me thinking about how to manage all my weekly activities. Especially the blog. It is funny though, since this morning at 6 a.m. – night trains do have an advantage, but can arrive a little too early : ) – we have two friends staying at our place. We started talking about the German culture vs. other cultures and it turns out we are known for our organization talents. And in my case they might be right, I am organizing all the time. There are rarely times that are completely unplanned. I love writing to do list, even though I sometimes don’t even work on them. Only on vacation, there I love nothing more than waking up and seeing what the day brings and where the wind takes me. But apart from that my activities do have some sort of structure. Don’t think I am crazily organized, just the “normal German standard” : ) But anyways, I was wondering how other bloggers organize everything. How do you do it? Do you have a monthly plan, are you writing spontaneously, are you having an editorial calendar? I would love to get a little inside in your work.


Oh, I loved editing and publishing my photographs from VERONA.


The last week I found my joy of reading in bed right before sleep again. It’s the best! And there is so much Inspiration in the book The Happiness Project. Would you be interested in a book review?


As always: Berries and espresso in the morning.


And another recipe went online: My Baked Banana Blueberry Oatmeal. Still looking for a breakfast idea? Go check it out HERE.


And another late night tea while reading in bed. The rainy weather this week was just meant for it!


Breakfast and planning, German, right? : ) Except for the espresso, that’s more Italien.


A big soy latte before a long working Saturday.


Coming home from work, this was the perfect diner: A little salad, grilled cheese sandwich and Arizona Ice tea.


Big pancakes breakfast with our friends on an early Sunday morning. Guess what? It was so early that I forgot to add the eggs and noticed it under the shower afterwards. Ups : ) They were still okay and I learned a lesson: Don’t bake before you shower.


July Goals –  Update Week 2

July Goals

1. Insights on my grateful journal:

10. July 2014: I am grateful for waking up super happy and in a good mood.
11. July 2014: I am grateful for a lot of inspiring moments today.
12. July 2014: I am thankful for my bf making me coffee in the morning.

2. Little Sport Review:

This week I didn’t manage to be very active. Too much to do and not enough time. But that is okay. I thought about and tried to squeeze workouts in and that is why I wrote my goals. Not to stress about them, but to remember what is important to me and try my best.


Workout at home with some Blogilates, Yoga and stretching.


Walking home with a heavy backpack for 45 minutes counted as a workout for me.

3. Research Finds.

My first research findings were written down this week. Starting to prepare an interesting project, hopefully coming up next week.

How was your week? And again, how do you organize your blogging activities?



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