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Travel Diary: VERONA

After spending two beautiful days in Venice (find my travel diary HERE) our next stop was Verona. A very pretty, small italian town with the perfect light – I was amazed how the pictures turned out, right when I took the first one. A town full of love since it is the place where William Shakespeare’s famous “Romeo and Juliet” takes place. I was actually tempted to buy the book and read it again : ) Of course we had to visit Juliet’s house and after watching the movie “Letters to Juliet” I was actually pretty excited about it. Maybe I was naive to think it would look as shown in the movies, but I did get a little bit disappointed. From the movie I thought it was quite a big yard surrounded by beautiful flowers and walls with yellow-golden brickstones, but with all the tourist pressed in it like “Sardinen in der Dose”, it felt pretty uncomfortable to me. But looking around the yard something grabbed my attention and made me stay a few minutes longer: It seems that there is this ritual of sticking gum to the wall – you can find a picture of it on my Instagram account HERE. My explanation: People are attaching their love letters with the gum to the wall – there are no holes between the bricks as shown in “Letters to Juliet”. Do you maybe know some more about it? Luckily the bf and I rather walk around taking pictures anyways, so we didn’t mind leaving after 5 minutes and going on with our little photo-tour. And here they are, my favorite ones.








Love can be found anywhere.









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