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Goals Of The Month: JULY

Hello everyone! I am back. After ten amazing days of vacation the reality has me back. But I have to admit that I was actually looking forward to my “normal daily” life. Still, last night, when I arrived at home, a big sadness came over me…I didn’t want my vacation to be over : ( I am sure you know the feeling. Luckily, today I woke up filled with motivation. It is the first day of a new month. 31 days ahead of us. 31 changes to make it the best.

My Goals for July

At the beginning of June I had felt the urge to write down my goals for the month since I hadn’t been feeling that “great” the weeks before. I want to be honest with you: I had the ideas, typed the text and published it within one day. I didn’t even sleep a night over it, which I usually do with an important decision. Well, guess what? Of course I didn’t accomplish them at all. To be honest, I completely forgot about them. Writing goals down and actually accomplishing them is a totally different story. But as I got taught already in primary school: I tried to learn out of my mistakes. This time I wanted to be a little bit smarter. During my vacation, I wrote everything down in my notebook. There I had time to think about my ideas , make my mind. But after coming home last night and being out of vacation mood, I realized that they had to be adapted to the “real life”. The lesson I learned? Goals are really not a fix thing!

During my days in Italy I had tons if ideas, a lot of thoughts, wishes, dreams and so on. Basically a lot of inspiration. So when I first thought about what I wanted to accomplish within the next 31 days, I wrote down at least 15 things. But let’s not fool ourselves, I would never get them all done. So as my mom always says “Kleine Brötchen backen” (which translates into something like: Baking small buns) I narrowed them down to the following three.

July Goals

1. Before I went to Italy a very good friend of mine visited me. We’ve met way at the beginning of our studies during a train ride home to our families. I am still so glad that we exchanged our numbers after five hours of non-stop talking in the train (at one point, the woman behind us complained we were too loud, remember? ). Well, she moved to Munich in March and I haven’t seen her ever since. When we met I realized just how much I have missed her. During our talk, she inspired me to get out my One Line A Day journal, that I I showed you guys HERE. And with my goals of June in mind and the 30 Day Happiness from Nikki Sharp, I decided to write down a sentence each day about what I am grateful for that day. With that I want to try to focus on the positive things in life and answer the question: What is it that makes my day great? I already started my grateful journal during the last week. So far, so good!

2. Already last months I included sports in my goals. I know that a hard time of studying is starting and going on for the next months. I KNOW that I need to do sports more often. I need to balance out the hours of sitting and intensive brain-sport. Instead of only focussing on running as in the last month, I left the goal more open to other sports too. For a few days I’ve been craving a yoga session. Maybe I should start with that tonight.

3. As usual during vacation my nutrition changed a lot. I wasn’t eating unhealthy, still lot’s of veggies and fruits were involved, but besides that also a lot of milk products, oil and white flour. My body didn’t like that at all. I had times that I was so tired, I felt as if I could just fall asleep right away. My whole body was knocked out. My digestion was not exactly going a good job either. To sum it up, physically I wasn’t feeling well. In order to change that I want to research nutrition facts, clean eating and a vegan nutrition. Over the last two years I figured out what is good for my body, but I think I need to fresh these memories up a little. I have never been completely vegan and neither a clean eater, but maybe I will try it out. But for now, this month I want to research, try recipes and test ideas out.

I guess this post turned out quite long. I hope you managed to read until the end : )

Care To Share: Are you setting goals? If so, what are your goals for July? Or are you maybe not a fan of it at all?



4 thoughts on “Goals Of The Month: JULY

  1. Toller Post!!
    Was die Ernährung betrifft: Ich merk das auch SOFORT wenn ich wieder anders oder ungewohnt esse…vor allem die Müdigkeit und Trägheit macht mir dann schwer zu schaffen. Derzeit schlafe ich jede Nacht nicht länger als 6 Std aber durch Sport und gute Ernährung merkte ich bis vor kurzem kaum Einbußen. Esse ich allerdings viel weißes Mehl an einem Tag könnt ich nur im Bett liegen! Das “grateful journal” ist ne tolle Idee!! Stellst du uns deins am Ende mal vor? Vielleicht sollte ich das auch mal versuchen! Wie hast du eigentlich die wirklich schöne Grafik gebastelt? Sieht ganz toll aus! Liebe Grüße Jenny
    PS: Schön das du wieder da bist!!!

    • Haha, also eigentlich sitze ich ja in der Bib und “lerne”…du lenkst mich ganz schön ab 🙂 Aber das ist völlig okay, denn du hast mir ein großes Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert! DANKE! Dein Ps war einfach toll.
      Es steht schon auf meiner Liste es vorzustellen und jetzt wo ich weiß, dass es dich interessiert, kommt definitiv ein Post. Ich hatte mir auch überlegt Teile daraus zu veröffentlichen, natürlich nicht die ganz persönlichen.
      Die Grafik hab ich über http://www.picmonkey.com/ gebastelt. Das ist eine super Seite zum Erstellen von solchen oder Collagen, oder Karten etc. Eigentlich sind alle meine Bilder hier, die nicht nur Fotos sind, damit bearbeitet. Probier es mal aus…man wird aber auch ein bissl süchtig und eh man sich versieht bastelt man 2 Stunden an nem Bilde 🙂
      Liebste Grüße, Ronja

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