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Summer Vacation 2014

It is time! I am taking off. Only a few more hours and I will be there: In VENICE!

Oh, you have no idea how excited I am and how much I am in need for this vacation. The last weeks have been tough: I finished my thesis, I didn’t take a real break, I worked, I had to handle a lot of information considering my exams, worries about future, a lot of bad food, not with my bf for two weeks – as you know from HERE that isn’t always easy for  me – , lots of thoughts. It was a bit too much for me. But now it is time to fill up my batteries. And I am sooo super duper excited about it. So of course I had to share it with you. Also, I will spend 10 days without my laptop. It’s been a while that I was without himI am a little nervous about it and already intimidated by all the blog posts that I will want to read when I am back : )  So please excuse that I won’t be blogging. But I think I need that time to really relax and come back fresh. And you can be excited about lot’s of pictures about not just one, but at least FOUR cities in Italy. Because this is where I will be:

Screenshot 2014-06-19 16.02.36

Venice – Verona – Bergamo – Milan

And what will I be doing? Walking around, taking lot’s of pictures, spending beautiful hours with my bf, writing postcards, soaking in the sun, drinking coffee, thinking, writing…

Can I say it again? I am so excited : )

As I said I don’t plan on blogging, but I am sure I won’t be able to take my hands off my Instagram account. It’s just too much fun. So check out sothisiswhat’s little sister for some travel inspiration.

If any of you has a tip – Cafés, beautiful places to be – for the cities I will be visiting please sent an me a mail to

I am looking forward to share my Travel Diaries with you!



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