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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 24

It is Sunday. I love Sundays. My favorite day of the week. I get to sleep in, bake pancakes and eat way too much of them for breakfast, I catch up on blog posts, I cook, I read a book, I smile, I singI do everything just the way I want to. No appointments. And usually I end up being creative and getting inspired by tons of things. It’s the perfect time celebrate the past week and the beginning of a new one.

As I told you before I was home alone this week. No bf, just me. And a lot of work. I have to say I am quite proud because I made it back to the library to study for my exams : ) I procrastinated that for some time. But I did it and on top of that I even went by myself for two days and got to know new people because of it. It feels good to know that I got some reading done before going on vacation on Saturday – yeah! That was also keeping me busy this last week – thinking about my travel: I am super excited. And I was in  a shopping mood – big time. I knew that working in the bag department on Wednesday was no good for me. And of course I fell in love with a cute black leather pouch. But it was one of those times when you see something and you know you want to have it and that it will make you happy every time you look at it.

CW 24: Home alone


Got a package with this trip travel essential.


First time making last year’s breakfast summer favorite: Overnights Oats.


The little shop next door sold 1,5kg of strawberries for 3€I couldn’t resist!


Nothing beats my morning espresso.


I showed you a few of my photos from Strasbourg – see here – and can’t stop craving these macaroons ever since.


First watermelon of this year.


Looking up from my laptop I saw this sunset. Beautiful.


Good morning!


These flowers make me smile every morning when I pass them with my bike.


The cute pouch I couldn’t resist buying.


More watermelon during my lunch break at the library. Nomnom.


This morning I spoiled myself with this huge breakfast.


And even more this afternoon with these amazing brownies from Ella! They are raw, clean, vegan, super easy and better than any desert you get at the supermarket. I highly recommend them!

So let’s get a creative start in the ext week!



8 thoughts on “Bit’s & Pieces – CW 24

  1. Oh der sieht wirklich super aus, sind die sehr aufwendig in der Zubereitung??

    Wir haben in der Nähe ein Mohnblumenfeld, ich hatte das letztes Jahr als Bildschirmschoner auf meinem Handy, weil ich es einfach so wunderschön fand 🙂 Guten Start in die neue Woche!

    • Das Rezept ist super einfach. Du brauchst nur Medjoul Datteln, Pekannüsse (oder jede andere Nuss) und raw Kakaopulver und ggf. zum Süßen Ahornsirup. Das einzig problemtische ist das Mixen. Je nachdem was für einen Mixer man hat klappt das mehr oder weniger gut : ) Ich mach bei mir immer etwas Wasser (ca 3 EL) dazu damit es besser klappt.

      Probier es mal aus und lass mich wissen ob du sie auch so mega klasse super gut findest : )

  2. Oh ja, das Brownie Rezept hatte ich auch letztens gesehen und will es seit dem unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Allerdings glaub ich, dass mein Mixer da vllt etwas meckern wird 😀

    • Ja mein Mixer meckert da auch immer ein bisschen : ) Ich glaube zu Weihnachten sollte ich mir mal einen richtig guten wünschen. Das blöde ist nur, kein Platz in der Küche : )

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