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Summer Shoes

It has been hot. Very hot these last days. And that meant: Getting out the summer gear! As I told you before in this post I am not too big a fan when it comes to my summer wardrobe. But what I do like are summer shoes : )

Last Sunday during this heat period I was mostly at home, pretty much doing nothing other than relaxing and drinking tons of self-made Icetea. With my upcoming vacation in just a little more than a week, I started to think about packing and what essentials I already own or still fancy about. Since I know there will be lots of walking during my travel,  I started to think about summer shoes. Just a little bit later I found myself browsing through tons of online stores and fashion blogs. And I came up with my favorites! Not necessarily for my vacation, but in general for this summer. Some of them I already own and some I am still dreaming about. So here they are, my summer shoes!




1. Nothing beats a good pair of espadrilles. The only ones I can wear knowing I won’t get any blister. Just a few weeks back, I stocked up on a gray pair like these ones. Because, let’s be honest, espadrilles don’t hold a lifetime.

2. Inspired by Nina and her love about espadrilles, that she showed in her post here, I fell in love with a patterned pair like these ones.

3. Another inspiration came from Janina, when she shared her espadrilles outfit in this post last week. Since then a striped pair is high on my list.




4. Birkenstock. A shoe that some hate and others love. For more than 3 years I have had this pair, inspired by my brother and his girlfriend, who has been wearing them for years. You can say everything you want about them, but one thing is a fact: They are super comfy! My opinion about them changes, though. Sometimes I feel super good in them and sometimes they just to feel right.

5. That’s why I thought about investing in a second pair that suits me a little moremaybe this?

6. Or even these black ones?




7. I used to have a real pair of moccasins when I was a little girl. Crafted by native Americans and gifted to me by our neighbors. I loved them! To be honest, I still have them and wish they would fit : ) I always wanted to buy some more fashionable ones growing up. That wish is back now! And I already fell in love with these ones from Marc O’Polo.

8. Vicky from Bikinis&Passport was my inspiration for this style after she posted this look on her blog. And I fell in love with her pair from Tod’s. Amaze-balls! Now I only need money : )

9. Last but not least an old time favorite. The classic Timberland. I am not sure if they count as moccasins, but I wanted to add them to my list anyway, since I’ve always wanted to own a pair, but never invested on them. Maybe one day I will.

So tell me, what are your favorite shoes for summer? And which ones are high on your wish list?

Now the only question for me is: Which ones should I pack?!



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