Bit’s & Pieces – CW 23

One day late my Bit’s & Pieces of last week, but today is a holiday so it kind of still counts as last week, right? Yesterday I sat down in front of my laptop. My plan was to publish my Bit’s & Pieces, but when I started writing I noticed that I had some important thoughts circling in my head that needed to be written down. So in the end, I published a more personal post. Well, that is one of the things I love about blogging. This is my little ‘baby’, I make the rules here, I am free to publish whatever and whenever I want. And if I wake up with the plan of writing my Bit’s & Pieces, but I get a new idea while working on it, well then I decide myself  what I post.

So back to the last week. Sadly, I had to get back to university and real life, even though my big brother was still in town. Luckily he also had lot’s of things to do, so I didn’t feel too bad when I left the apartment every morning. This last week I was confronted with my future and the big question mark hanging over it a lot. So many thoughts, so many decisions I have to make and no idea what I want. But that is a different topic. Luckily my brother was here and I was distracted at home, so I didn’t freak out too much about future : ) We had lovely dinners, a BBQ with my friends and watched the BBC series Sherlock – if you don’t know it and you like crime shows, then go check it out! It is so much fun. As I mentioned yesterday I had to say goodbye to my bf on Friday and to my brother on Saturday, which wasn’t too easy for me. Now I am home alone for two weeks. I have to admit I enjoy it more than I thought, but you can read more about in yesterdays post.

CW 23: Thoughts About Future

IMG_20140603_085554Instead of my daily oatmeal I started last week with granola, yoghurt and planning my week

IMG_20140603_151328My bf knows how to make me smile

IMG_20140605_111210Time for an espresso with my brother

IMG_20140605_185158Leftovers from our trip to Straßbourgdid you know how much I love sweets? : )

IMG_20140606_105300Part one and two of my travel diaries to Basel

IMG_20140606_183303Self-made strawberry buttermilk by my brothernomnom!

IMG_20140607_142553Love this snapshot from Basel

IMG_20140608_103326Even though I was alone, I had to make my Sunday Pancakes. Thanks to Vicky from Bikinis & Passports for this super tasty recipe! I liked it even more than my regular one and on top it is even healthier : )

IMG_20140608_174418A little personal inside of what I struggle with in life in yesterdays post

IMG_20140608_184117Since yesterday I am fully in “ice tea making mood”!

Today is a holiday and I am super glad to be able to spent it at home. It is already pretty hot out there and I am making a few more liters of ice tea to keep me hydrated. Other than that I have some planning and organizing for my exams to do. So I will turn on the music now and try to be positive and get things done : )



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