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Travel Diary – Basel Part II

and it wasn’t the best weather at first in Basel, so we were happy to warm up a little. It was cloudy and a pretty cold wind was blowing through the streets – not as good as we’ve hoped. Only 1,5h of sunshine had been predicted. So whenever the sun came out, we stood still, facing our heads toward the sun and soaking in some Vitamin D. After strolling around little alleys for a while, we sat on a pink bench across from a museum, pretty tired and without drive. And guess what happened? We kind a fell asleep : ) I know, funny, right? We were sitting there and dozing away. But something amazing happened: The sun came out! And it stayed for the whole afternoon. That completely changed our mood. During the afternoon we sat along the Rhine, ate our sandwiches and watched the little ferries going across the river. And of course we enjoyed the sun as much as we good.










3 thoughts on “Travel Diary – Basel Part II

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  2. Ooh, Basel is such a charming place! I went there once, long ago, and I remember walking along cobbled streets, enjoying river views and having lots of sweet treats. Your photos are stunning!

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