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Travel Diary – Basel Part I

As promised, here are some of the pictures I took in Basel last week. Actually, I couldn’t narrow them down, so I choose a few more than just “some”. For sure too many for one post. Maybe two? Or would that be too boring for my readers? Oh well, I decided to share them all : ) So here is part one of my travel to Basel:

One week ago, my brother and I got up quite early (6a.m.!) to catch a bus to Basel. A little bit too early since we went to bed late the evening before. So guess what we did in the bus? We slept : ) We arrived around 8.30h and kept being surprised why the city was so empty. Well, we quickly figured out that it was because of the early hour. We decided on a second breakfast and found ourselves in a supermarket, where we found the best chocolate croissant ever. I am still dreaming about it. After that we made our way to a farmers market and since it was still early there wasn’t a big crowd and we could easily check out the booths. When I am in a different country I love exploring the local food – the spices, the treats (my favorite, as you know I love sweets), the fruits, the veggies – so strolling around the farmers market was the perfect opportunity for that.
Walking away from the market, we discovered the most sympathetic church we’ve ever been too – The Basel Münster. My brother and I both agreed on that, but we still wonder if it was because of the 20°C inside the church. I think I have never been in a church that was warmer than outside. And it wasn’t the best weather at first in Basel, so we were happy to warm up a little, but that is a different story….To be continued










Stay tuned for Part Two, which will be online later today or tomorrow.



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