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June, June, you came way too soon…

Life goes up and down,  like a roller coaster. Sometimes everything is good, you’re motivated, focused, everything is in order and you accomplish what you planned. But there are also other times, when nothing is so great, getting out of bed isn’t easy, you don’t feel as happy as you usually do. You are a little bit down. Without any reason, or at least no reason you are aware of. Lately I’ve been feeling the second. I don’t know if it was because of the stress with my thesis, the thoughts about my upcoming exams or the big question mark that appears whenever I think about my future.

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I was laying in bed with thoughts circling over my head. I remembered when I started to think a lot about my life, my wishes and my dreams, when I learned a lot about myself and when I figured out two important ways to keep my happiness: Jogging and writing. It suddenly hit me that over the last weeks I stopped doing them. And stopping them, I also stopped being as happy and positive as I usually am. I am not sure if it was because I took a break of those two activities or because of other reasons, but I knew it had to end. Right then I decided it was time to make a change!

Yesterday evening I went on a run and I remembered everything I love about that sport: It helps me to organize my thoughts, I start to listen to myself, I get inspired by my own words, I find answers to questions I’ve been trying to figure out and most importantly I relax. I breathe. I run.
It is not about losing weight or getting fit, but it is about clearing my mind. The same goes with writing. It helps me to listen to myself, my inner voice. And to me that is also a big part about a healthy lifestyle. I believe that we all know inside exactly what we need to do, what we shouldn’t do, what makes us happy and what doesn’t, what we wish for and how to fix our problems. The key to it all lies in ourselves. We often just don’t listen to our inner voice.

So it is June. In my eyes this month came way too soon. But I figured it is the perfect time to set some goals for this month. My intention: Finding my inner voice. Listening to it and finding back my happiness. Not that I was depressed or always in a bad mood. But I am sure you know that feeling, when you don’t feel 100% satisfied. And for me that is reason enough to change and work on myself again. As Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere said so fittingly:

...work on being the best version of yourself...

via:  Cupcakes & Cashmere

So when I went on my run yesterday I decided to share my goals with you. I thought maybe you get inspired and start thinking about your own goals. And maybe you feel for sharing them with me.

Four goals, four weeks to accomplish them.

June goals

Of course I will keep you updated about my progress. I guess after two weeks is a good date to share my first experience. Until then I will also try to post pictures on Instagram of my runs, writing sessions and everything else covering “Finding my inner voice”. If anyone of you can rely on my feelings, maybe you feel for sharing your experience and what is helping you in those moments in the comments below or in a mail at ronja@sothisiswhat.com. I would love to hear your feedback, to be inspired by your stories and getting to know tips and tricks that helped you.

So let’s get this mission started: Finding my inner voice.



UPDATE: Just an hour after posting this post, I was checking out the blog and YouTube channel from the gorgeous Nikki Sharp. Maybe some of you know her from her famous 5-Day-Detox or her general advice about a healthy lifestyle. Then you know about the  30 Day Happiness Challenge she just started three days ago. Since I intended something similar with this post I immediately got inspired and had to share this with you. So if you’re looking for some inspiration then go check out what Nikki Sharp is up too.


5 thoughts on “June, June, you came way too soon…

  1. Liebe Ronja, ich kenne solche Phasen gut! Die Tage scheinen unendlich lang und gleichzeitig furchtbar kurz. Man bekommt irgendwie nichts auf die Reihe, dabei ist die Liste immer länger. Man hakt dann doch 5 sachen ab, aber zufrieden ist man nicht, du hättest ja auch 10 schaffen können. Es gibt plötzlich so viele Dinge, die einem die Stimmung trüben. In solchen Phasen versuche ich es, egal wie, Freunde zu treffen…ein Mädelsabend kann oft schon helfen. Sport, absolut wichtig! Ohne Sport habe ich es noch nie geschafft. Manchmal habe ich sogar das Gefühl, das meine bad mood sich verstärkt je weniger Sport ich mache. Ich denke jeder von uns kennt die Wochen, in denen er es halt nicht 3mal schafft, sondern vielleicht nur einmal…dabei geht meine Laune oft tief in den Keller. Strukturen sind auch gut, ich stückel mir dann meine to do Listen in noch kleinere Schritte, einfach um mehr abhaken zu können, denn das erfreut mich dann wieder irgendwie. Außerdem: GUTE MUSIK!!! Ergo: Auto fahren, Lieblingscd rein, aufdrehen und LAUT mitsingen. Liebe Grüße Jenny

  2. I have started running recently too. In fact, I’m on my way out for a run at the moment! I have made a to-do list for the end of june, just to keep me motivated! Love your blog Ronja x

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