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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 22

This week was pure bliss. Well, it actually started with me freaking out about my final exams in fall – so much to do, so much to organize, so less information. Luckily my brother came to visit me and that meant: relaxation. Something I’ve been needing after my thesis. Days off, not spent worrying about my studies, walking around, discovering new things and lots of good talks. And that is pretty much all we did, besides eating tasty food and sleeping: )
We went on a 5hour hike in the black forest and traveled to Basel and Straßbourg – be sure to stay tuned for new posts with my impressions of these two. Visiting new cities is a big passion of mine. Taking an early bus or train and spending the day walking around in a new city, discovering lot’s of things, forgetting about your worries – to me that is  like a Mini-Vacation.

Sadly, today we had to go back to reality. My brother, my bf and me, we all had lot’s of things to organize, but still we slept in, had a pancake breakfast and are about to watch a movie. I guess not too bad after all : )

Even though I loved my little Mini-Vacation, I am also excited to start this week. I feel the urge to sit down with my calendar and start planning the next month. There are lot’s of things to be organized – not just work, but also my vacation coming up in two weeks! Oh, I am so looking forward to it.

CW 22: Vacation

IMG_20140526_130908I shared my newest discovery with you – the Maxi Skirt

IMG_20140527_092005I was super excited to introduce the recipe of my morning oatmeal to my brother

IMG_20140527_213201Of course desert had to be involved after diner. And what is better than an apple-berry-crumble?

IMG_20140529_091603Breakfast and a little bit of work before 5h of hiking

IMG_20140529_181400These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…

no oneFor some time I’ve forgotten my own goals and wishes in life. This quote reminded me of how important it is to take me-time and focussing on myself to keep up the happiness.

DSC_2798This was the BEST chocolate croissant I’ve ever had in my life

IMG_20140601_121838Pancakes breakfast on Sundayas always : )

 I wish everyone a good start into the next week.



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