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Mini Vacation

no one

I stumbled upon this quote last week and it reminded me of what is truly import: Me! My wishes and dreams. Taking breaks in order to protect my happiness and sanity. I am a sensitive person, I want to please everyone, I can’t always define my wishes and dreams and find myself getting pulled in a swirl of undefined plans.

As I have mentioned here my brother is in town and that is the perfect opportunity for me to take some vacation days. I can’t deny that writing my thesis was a busy and exhausting time and I can’t deny either, that I am a little afraid of what’s to come with my exams in fall. I think it is super important to fill up my energy levels in order to start preparing for my exams in a “healthy” way – aka with energy and no stress. And that is exactly what I am doing right now!

Today we already went on a 5-hour hike threw the Blackforest – see here ! Nothing beats hiking with my big brother to clear my mind. Hiking, good talks, tasty sandwiches, amazing nature, reflecting the past, looking forward to the future. That is exactly what I needed. And tomorrow? We are off to Basel. I love to  explore new cities. And on Saturday? We are off to Strasbourg! Oh, I am super excited. Two days, two cities, two countries.

So what do you guys do to fill up your energy levels? And can you guess where I live?

Oh, I can already smell the diner. After five hours of hiking I am super hungry : )



One thought on “Mini Vacation

  1. Oh das klingt super!!! Ich wünsch dir bzw. euch ganz viel Spaß!! Das klingt schwer nach Baden Württemberg :))
    Wegfahren hilft mir auch immer ernorm, für ein kurzes Aufladen hilft auch mal ein Run in der Natur, aber unbedingt draußen, nicht auf dem Laufband. Der Wald hilft mir auch immer sehr um abzuschalten und einfach mal alles zu vergessen… ich denke, du hast alles richtig gemacht :))

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