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The Maxi Skirt

Today I have to make a confession: I am not a summer person. I like the summer, but I only get really excited about it when I am on vacation or on Sunday’s when I can relax – basically when I don’t have to be physically active : ) As soon as I have to work or run errands I get annoyed by the heat. Spring and fall, that are my seasons. During those, I feel completely comfortable, but summer? Not so much. But of course summer brings amazing things with it: Spending time outside, swimming in lakes or pools, BBQ’s with friends, getting tanned, sleeping with open windows, lots of fruits and veggies.
Fashion wise, I have the same problem every year when summer makes its first appearance: I don’t know how to dress myself. I open my closet and nothing seems to be fitting my style.

To sum it up: When it comes to food and drinks, summer is my favorite! But when it comes to fashion, I don’t know what to wear, but have no problem feeling comfy with my clothes in spring and fall.

So last week the temperature raised up and I was faced with my summer-closet-problem. Standing in front of my closet already getting annoyed, the maxi skirt came back into my head. I’ve been thinking about adding it to my summer wardrobe since they started to pop up everywhere, I think, two years ago. But I was wondering: Can I wear a maxi skirt with my body? My answer was no. But do you want to know a funny thing? Before last week I never even tried one on! All my doubts were only made in my head.

So to solve my closet problem last week, I finally went to town and shopped around at H&M. After getting second opinions from my friends, I asked myself again: Can I wear a maxi skirt with my body? This time my answer was yes! And what can I say, I love my black H&M maxi skirt. It feels so summery and easy, can be combined with pretty much anything, can be dressed elegant for a dinner with the bf on a summer night or easy going for a Sunday BBQ with friends. It is so versatile in its style!

Maybe I am not the only one with my summer-closet-problem and not the only one doubting if she can wear a maxi dress, so I thought I would share my inspiration and ideas with you. I started pinning some pictures on Pinterest HERE and create a little collage for you this morning. The maxi skirt

So what I loved so far:

  • Combining a maxi skirt  with simple T-shirts:  Adding a pop of color with this one or keeping it simple with a gray basic shirt 
  • Or trying an elegant version with a blouse like this one. Of course the options here are endless. Stripes, dots, colors, textures, patterns…
  • I haven’t tried it yet, but combining the maxi skirt with a jeans blouse is high on my list


Do you have a maxi skirt in your closet? How do you combine it? And have you also hesitated wearing a maxi skirt at first?



9 thoughts on “The Maxi Skirt

  1. Ich dachte jahrelang, ich sei zu klein für einen Maxirock, aber ich habe genau den gleichen wie du und er ist perfekt! Auf Taille getragen, mit grauem Shirt, Jeansjacke und Strohhut ❤
    Wofür ich noch keine Lösung gefunden habe, ist allerdings das Fahrradfahren…

    • Genau so wie du es schreibst könnte ich ihn auch tragen! Nur die Jeansjacke muss ich ins Jeanshemd ändern – hab nämlich keine Jacke : ) Ja das mit dem Fahrrad…der einzige Nachteil am Maxirock. Bin jetzt immer mit der Bahn gefahren : ) Aber das mag ich eigentich gar nicht. Ich habe mir aber überlegt, dass es vielleicht geht, wenn man ihn an der Seite mit nem Knoten hochbindet. Was meinst du? LG, Ronja

      • Ja, an sowas hatte ich auch schon gedacht – das wär mal nen Versuch wert… Denn das ist tatsächlich der einzige Nachteil.
        So und jetzt weiß ich auch schon was ich heute Abend trage, ich hab nämlich noch Vorlesung bis 21.00 und mache bis dahin nur Home Office und häng noch ziemlich casual gekleidet hier rum 😉

      • Oh je, Vorlesung um 21.00h! Das ist anstrengend. Ich hoffe sie ist wenigstens spannend. Aber ein Maxi-Rock ist da auf jedenfall angenehm. Lass mich wissen, ob es auf dem Fahrrad geklappt hat : ) Ich hab es noch nicht geschafft zu testen.

  2. I am right there with you Ronja, I often struggle with the summer heat.. Fall is my ideal season because you can still wear fun dresses but you can layer pieces really easily and never get to hot.
    I love your idea of attacking the summer fashion problems with a simple black maxi skirt. I think I have one in the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in ages, this is inspiring me to grab it out and wear it soon!

    • It is so good to hear that I am not alone with my summer-problems : ) Fall and spring fashion is just so much prettier than summer, at least in my eyes.
      I have the same problem…sometimes I forget what I have hanging in my closet. But not with my summer wardrobe…not enough pieces to forget one : )

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