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Bit’s & Pieces – CW 21

Every Sunday I sit down with my calendar and phone, go through the events of the week and take a look at the Instagram shots I posted. This quickly turned into a ritual, that I don’t want to miss. It’s a moment I actively take to reflect and get aware of what were the really important things of the week. It makes me feel as if I can “control” the time, that is constantly running by way too fast, a little bit more. And even though it is already 10 pm I still wanted to sit down and write about this weeks bit’s & pieces.

The week started great: On Monday I finally handed in my thesis and got the dinning table for our flat, that we’ve been waiting for more than 3 months. It might sound strange, but this dining table completely improved my life quality! I love it. It already turned into my favorite background for my pictures – seen here. And today the bf and I finally took some time to rearrange our little flat. Step by step it is turning in the home I’ve been wishing for.

One of the qualities I value the most about myself and that I also look for in my friends, is the act of saying thank you when you’ve gotten any kind of help from someone. This might just be the words said out loud or even showing it with a little present, or as in my case a strawberry cake.

On Wednesday I published my tips on how to master your thesis – find it here. It turned out that it was the best thing I could have done: While writing it I started to realize that I was actually done. The project “thesis” is done! I remembered how much I learned about myself and that for most of the time I enjoyed writing it. Being able to say this after more than 5 months of hard work simply makes me happy.

So the rest of this week I pretty much enjoyed not feeling guilty when I didn’t work : ) Since a friend of mine was also done with her exams, we celebrated on Friday night and after 9 weeks (!) I finally spent my Saturday away from the department store I work at. What a great weekend!

CW 21: Friendship

IMG_20140520_075152First coffee at the new table

IMG_20140520_155347Thank you!

IMG_20140521_084638Every morning: big espresso, water with half a squeezed lemon and oatmeal

IMG_20140522_211159The bf came home with red roses, nothing could have made me happier!

IMG_20140523_102234Cheers to a finished thesis and finished exams

IMG_20140523_183313Big time love for my new cup and my new table

IMG_20140524_200220Nom nom Ice cream

IMG_20140525_113341Instead of my typical Sunday pancakes I was craving lots of fruits today

IMG_20140525_160549Spending my Sunday afternoon barbecuing with my friends

Now I am super excited for my big brother to come visit me tomorrow. I can’t wait to have some good and relaxing time with him.



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