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Wish List # 1

It is Monday. And a beautiful week lies ahead of us. So what better way then to start with a little wish list? I guess every girl has themitems that she is constantly dreaming about and that are usually a little overpriced for her – aka wishes. Since I was dreaming around over the weekend, getting inspired on pinterest and checking out some online stores, I thought it was time to share a little wish list of items that I have been craving over the last month.



1. A friend of mine gave me a scarf from opus for my birthday and checking out their online store this weekend, I found this amazing sweater on sale. I remembered then, that I had seen it here on my favorite blog Bikinis&Passports from Vicky. Not sure if it would be a smart idea to buy it with 30°C in the weather forecast for this week : )

2. I don’t know why, but over the last year I fell in love with the Neverfull, size MM, from Louis Vuitton. To be honest,  before that I didn’t like their purses at all, really not at all. And now I’ve been dreaming about this purse for months. Funny how our taste changes. Just on the pattern I can’t decide. I guess with summer coming around I tend more towards the Damier Azur Canvas. Not that I am gonna be able to afford one in the near future.

3. Well the iPhone has been on my wish list, sinceI think since it came out years ago. I know one day I will make the step and actually get one : )

4. Next to the sweater something I could actually afford is this Fossil watch. I first saw it at work and  now I keep going back, putting it on and falling in love all over it again. I love how elegant, classic and timeless it is.


I am really not sure if it was a smart idea to write about my wishes, since I have a big urge right now to spend some money. But dreaming is good and now that I wrote about it, i can go back to this post in some months and see if these items would still make it on my wish list. And until then I can save some money each months so that I mights be able to treat myself.

Do you have a wishlist? What are the items you’ve been craving for the last months? And how to you manage to save some money to treat yourself with? I would love to know : )



3 thoughts on “Wish List # 1

  1. Hey,
    ich gehe neben meinem Vollzeitjob regelmäßig babysitten und das Geld nutze ich meistens für schöne Dinge 🙂 Auch wenn ich hier trotzdem “recht geizig” bin.
    Wie hast du denn die Wishlist erstellt?
    Viele Grüße

    • Liebe Jenny, das ist ja auch eine super Idee, sozusagen wie Taschengeld 🙂
      Ich hab die Collage mit Das ist eine super Seite. Liebe Grüße, Ronja

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