Me, Myself & I

Bit’s & Pieces – CW 19

Did I ever tell you how much I love Sunday’s? I loved them when I still lived with my family, it was a time everyone was home, busy doing something, coffee drinking and eating delicious cake in the afternoon my mom had baked. And of course every week ended with Tatort, which my German readers will know. The Sunday’s after I moved out to study in a different city, always made me miss these family days. I remember that the first weeks I didn’t know what to do with the free time by myself. Soon after I started studying I had made a few very good friends, that were almost like a little family to me. So of course we found ways to entertain ourselves. Now, living with my boyfriend the Sunday’s got a whole new meaning again. Over the last months we grew some traditions. Like me baking pancakes in the morning, us working together on creative projects – aka So This Is What for me -, baking bread (I wish you could smell the super tasty breads that came out of the oven just now) and having fondue at night. Writing it down now it seems we are having a little bit of an eating-Sunday, but I don’t mind, I love it : )

Well after writing so much about my love of Sunday’s, let’s see what happened the rest of the week. It was the second week of the new semester and with my thesis still going on (Wohooo only one more week until the official deadline, I hope I make it earlier!), I got a little stressed attending my first classes and all the information about my upcoming exams in fall. Luckily my friends felt the same and we managed to cut it out of our beloved lunch break – at least most of the time. I could go on about the rest of uneventful happenings, but I rather tell you how inspired I was.

CW 19: Inspiration

I think that pretty much sums up my week. Every day I had ideas for new posts, photographs, project and so much more. At one point I got so overwhelmed by all my ideas, feeling I could never realize them all. This is why I created a plan to figure out when to write what and give So This Is What a little more organization. I am still working on it, trying to figure out how much structure I want. To my readers and bloggers – How do you do it? Do you plan everything? Do you have a content plan? A notebook? I am so curious to know and get some ideas.

So here are my favorite Instagram shots from this week. And be sure to scroll down all the way, there will be a sneak peek of a little DIY coming up this week that I am so excited to share!

IMG_20140504_211517Ending my week with a glass of red wine

IMG_20140506_135817So much chocolate at work..nomnom

IMG_20140506_181353Delicious cake I made in the middle of my week for the bf

IMG_20140506_214057Blogging about my favorite new beauty brand Rituals – find post HERE

IMG_20140507_083248A little bit of art in the morning

IMG_20140507_132331Lunch at home for a change

IMG_20140507_210552I love rainy days at home – find post about it HERE

IMG_20140509_175827A little bit of chocolate and soy café latte at home, cuddled up in bed

IMG_20140510_081920So excited for the new flow to come out in two days!

IMG_20140510_163853I love these two reusable straws, I got after work on Saturday. You can find them HERE .

IMG_20140511_113653Todays Sunday Pancakessooo tasty!

And here comes next weeks sneak peekso excited!




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