Something to think # 1

I wake up. I check my phone – new mails, new texts, new comments, new pictures on instagram. I get ready for they day. Turn on the tone of my phone. Put it in my pocket and leave. Making sure the wireless is off, so I don’t loose battery. My day continues and my phone stays with me. All day.

I sit in the tram and I look around. Everyone – and I mean – everyone has their phone in their hands. I wonder what eye color the girl in front of me has. Green eyes would look stunning, but I can’t see. She has her head down, loonking on the screen. I go to university, sit in classes, get bored and check my phone. I sit with my friend. She takes out her phone and is suddenly gone. I continue talking, but I don’t reach her. She is gone chatting with someone else. “Hello? Are you kidding?” is what I want to say, but I don’t. Sometimes I do.

Something to think

Social Media turned into a big part of my life, when I started writing sothisiswhat and even before that. I love checking my instagram feed, uploading a new picture, reading blogs and so on. I really do. But that is mostly when I am alone. Around friends I dislike taking out my phone, texting someone when there is actually a friend sitting in front of me, because I know I can easily forget my surroundings. Of course, sometimes I have to, somethings need to be organized. But I try to keep it to a minimum.

I didn’t grow up with a smartphone, in fact I only have mine since one year. My parents raised me to look at the world, to see what’s happening around me, to learn, to ask questions, to get out, to be social, to experience, to live. But even though I would say I have a good balance between ‘real social live’ and the ‘social media world’, when was the last time I spend one entire day without my phone? When was the last time you did?

Then again, I am a big fan of social media. It’s such a great way to connect with others that share the same interests as you. I think that is one of the greatest benefits of social media. And I can’t deny that I started to spend a lot of time every day with it. Among my friends there are not many being interested in blogging, Instagram and so on. Some days I wish they would be, but writing this post I realize that I am also glad that they are not. This way I can take a break from the social media world. I think it’s necessary in order to see the beauty and the beast of it. And nothing beats the real world in front of you, a real conversation and a real soy latte instead of this beautiful picture on pinterest.

I’ve been thinking so much about this topic. Making my thoughts. Getting annoyed watching the people in the tram – even though I am often one of them. I feel conflicted – I am part of something that I sometimes get so upset about. I am from a generation that didn’t grow up with internet, laptops, mp3, Instagram or Facebook. I can see the change it entailed. I guess there was the same discussion when the TV first got developed.

And then a couple of days ago I came across this YouTube video, that some of you maybe already know. If you haven’t, then watch it. When I first saw it, and even the times after, my body started to tickle and this excited tummy-feeling started. I couldn’t stop and watched it twice. It is an amazing work!


So what’s the conclusion? Is there any? Social media has so many benefits. For me it stays a beauty and also a beast. I guess the most important, as with everything in life, is to reflect.

Tell me, what do you think? Are you a big fan of Social media or a critic? Is it a beauty or a beast? What is your experience?

I would love to hear your thoughts!




3 thoughts on “Something to think # 1

  1. Verrückt! Über genau das Video habe ich vorhin auch einen Post veröffentlicht – mit einer etwas anderen Meinung 🙂
    Auch jetzt grade nach der republica habe ich das dringende Bedürfnis, nicht immer online zu sein und lege mein Handy dann eben weg. Das fällt mir zum Glück nicht schwer. Was ich aber auch sehr anstrengend finde, sind Leute, die ständig aufs Telefon gucken, statt sich mit mir zu unterhalten. Ich breche dann einfach im Satz ab und warte, dass der andere wieder hochschaut – und die meisten merken es dann auch selbst. Ich verstehe schon den Ansatz dieses Videos, allerdings finde ich es maßlos dramatisierend und pessimistisch 😉

    • Uh dann muss ich später deinen post lesen. Hehe das mach ich dann auch immer. ..ist ein Spaß zu beobachten wie lange die Leute brauchen ums zu bemerken 🙂
      Das Video ist natürlich stark übertrieben. Wie geschrieben habem social media ja auch viel gutes gebracht.
      Bin echt gespannt auf deinrn post. Liebe grüße, ronja

  2. Ganz toller Post!!
    Das Video ist zwar etwas überzogen, aber wirklich toll dargestellt. Am Ende mit den älteren Menschen sammelte sich dann doch ein wenig Feuchtigkeit in meinen Augen 😉
    Danke dafür!

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