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New In: Rituals

Okay, I admit it, I am a biiiig fan! Rituals is my new love.

Two months ago I got my first Rituals products for my birthday. It was actually funny since my mom and one of my best friends had the idea to make Rituals a present for me. And oh boy if they had known that it will turn me into an addict, maybe they wouldn’t have done it : )


As you can see my collection is not too small, because over Easter my mom decided to spoil me a little more. It was the best thing she could have done. Since I was writing my thesis and usually came home a little exhausted, I started the habit to take hot showers in the evening, of course using my favorite new products.

What can I say? Their smell is sensational and surrounds you softly for some hours. They feel amazing. They make your skin amazingly soft. They last long, because you don’t need much of them. And even better? The brand uses natural, renewable and organic ingredients (see here).

Rituals products are not comparable to drugstore products, not in their quality and not on their price. I know that they are not the cheapest, but that’s exactly why I love them so much. They are something special. As I said before, I started to treat myself with a hot shower and my favorite products after an exhausting or bad day, when I didn’t feel well, when I needed a little break, some time for myself. And the funny thing is they share exactly my philosophy:

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. 
                                                 Quote via Rituals homepage

So here are my favorite products:

DSC_2548Their shower foam is the bestit really turns into foam after you sprayed it on your hand. And it makes your skin feel soft immediately. 





I also started to test their skin care products. As the rest they are sensational in terms of their smell, but for me they are not the best. For around 25€ I rather spent that money on a product from the pharmacy, but that it because I had trouble with my skin for so many years, that even though my skin has been so good for the last year,  I am still super careful about it.

Find my products here:

1. Xiu Xi massage oil

2. T’ai Chi shower foam – my favorite!

3. Zensation shower foam

4. Magic Touch body cream

5. Sakura Scrub body scrub

6. Gingko’s Secret hand balm

7. 24h Hydrating Gel Cream & Moisture Recovery Night Cream


Do you guys have any experience with Rituals? How do you like them? Let me know in the comments below, I am ecited to hear what you think.



8 thoughts on “New In: Rituals

      • I mentioned your blog on mine today but unfortunately could not link it. I really like how honest you write about everything.
        Really made me reconsider, how I write my own blog. xx

      • Oh thank you so much! That makes me so happy : ) I just checked out your post and blog – great posts! – , and i think the link worked : ) I love your blogdesign, so pretty. xoxo

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