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Bits & Pieces – CW 18

Puh, what a week! Its seems like redesigning my blog happened months ago, but it was just last weekend. As always I could go on and on about how fast time is running : ) Still, I haven’t found a magic cure for it. But instead of looking at it on the negative site, doesn’t it mean that my life is just a very busy one? And isn’t that a good thing? In my eyes it is.

The highlight of my week? Definitely finishing the first draft of my thesis! Yey! I am so happy. I still don’t feel as relieved as I thought, but I know that there might still be a lot of work. Someone is reading and correcting it for me, I will see how that goes. But  the first step to handing it in is done!

So what else happened? Basically from Monday to Thursday I was working in the library non stop. Since the weather was awefull, I didn’t even mind that much. On Thursday night I was finally done and could literally wash away all my stress, since I got into a rain shower with my bikeI have never been so wet! But I came home to a home cooked meal from the bf for me and a friend. So we celebrated my first thesis accomplishment with pasta, red wine and apple crumble for desert. Nom nom. Now looking back at the rest of the week, it seems to me that the days were full of thinkingabout the future, about my thesis, about my blog, about my family, about my friends, about my exams and so on. If only all the ideas I always have would be realized that easily….

Pancakes LoveI started my week with those delicious leftover pancakes from Sunday

IMG_20140429_171502Little break at the university, with coffee, blueberries and joghurt

IMG_20140429_210905Oh, I forgot I got wet with my bike twice this week : ) On Tuesday I celebrated it with a hot chocolate : )

IMG_20140430_175447Mid week quote

IMG_20140430_205047I wish you could have smelled this roseexactly how you imagine a rose to smell like

IMG_20140501_103421Starting the holiday with a big soy latte before going to the library


IMG_20140503_140653Midnight shopping, meant working for 9h until midnight – my help: adding some sparkle to my outfit

IMG_20140504_120924Found this golden box at work last night, ready to be thrown out, so I decided to make a trey out of it : )

IMG_20140504_182856Fresh baked bread from the bftogether with fondue – perfect end to the week!

Have a great week!



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