Me, Myself & I

Everything the same, just a little different

Here we are! Everything is the same, but with a few changes : ) I am still me and you are still you. But So this is what? That is little different.

You may have read my About page, then you know a little bit about my story. For many years I had this dream, a big dream. And it all started when I discovered the beauty of blogs. And yes, I find them beautiful. I am amazed by the power it has to inspire, may it be about fashion, beauty, food, health, fitness, life lessons or just some simple tips. So I was dreaming about my blog,creating posts in my head for more than 4 years….

Two choices

and one day I finally woke up to start living my dream.

Today I found the note on my phone that I made the moment I figured how I wanted to name my, as I call it, ‘baby’:

23.11.2013 Sa, 23:59: So this is what.

I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was walking with my bf to a party of a friend and we brainstormed ideas. My bf mumbled something, I only heard ‘So this is what’, which was not at all the idea he had. But I was hooked. I loved the sound and meaning of it, because at the beginning I had no idea what this was. So there it was, my ‘baby’: So this is what.

I started to blog, not really knowing where I was going, but loving every second of it. Four months later I felt it was time for a change. I didn’t just want a personal blog. I wanted a place where people could learn, get inspired, share ideas, while still getting to know who was behind the blog. A magazine, a blog, an inspiration, my life. I redesigned my blog, gave it a more sophisticated look – at least I think so : )

header purple


All my daily ideas and thoughts are going to be collected here. Things that interest me. I thought about magazines, their beauty, their style. So I created 5 categories:

Screenshot 2014-04-29 21.34.15

  • Health&Fitness: All about a healthy lifestyle. A good balance between being healthy while still treating yourself like a princess. Enjoying life. Working on goals, without working yourself up about it. Not saying here that I have all that already figured out, but I think we can learn from each other : ) And of course lots of recipes are involved.
  • Fashion&Beauty: Neither am I a fashion blogger, nor a beauty blogger, but still both topics are important to me. I already have a wishlist planned about my current wishes and a post about my favorite beauty products right now. So stay tunes for that.
  • Inspiration: DIY’s, Quotes, posts, articles, decoration, blogsall this and so much more.
  • Quick Tips: Of course there are personal, but isn’t it sometimes wonderful when you read someone’s tips about a situation you are also in? And wouldn’t it be great to inspire each other? What is it that each of us does when we have a headache, write a thesis, organize a birthday party, forgot our beauty bag?
  • Me,Myself&I: As the title already says, here is my story. What is happening in my life. My thoughts, my stories.

Do you have ideas, wishes, thoughts or questions? Then let me now! Just use my contact page or write me a mail:

I am excited to see where this journey is going to.






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