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Bits & Pieces – CW 16 & 17

Hello Hello,

I am back! And full of energy. Two weeks went by. And I have to admit they were not much fun. At least for me. I was not in a good mood – as I already shared with you in THIS post. I was overwhelmed by my thesis, got stressed because of it, felt unhappy with my blog because I wasn’t really doing anything for it, couldn’t help myself to get out of this mess, was worrying about the futureso you could say I was rethinking everything. But if you’ve been reading my blog, you know me. I am an optimist. I struggle sometimes – maybe a lot? – but I always find a way out of it. And this time? I think I did a great job: These last two weeks I thought so much about my dream So this is what. But I felt as if I was only dreaming instead of living my dream. This feeling was annoying me so much and I couldn’t understand how I could have so many ideas without being able to realize them. As I red my daily blogs I came across THIS article from The Everygirl. And I understood that it was fear that kept me from my dreams. The fear of failing. The fear of not being able to reach my dreams. The fear of getting hurt. But I am gonna fight this fear. I am gonna stop letting it stand in the way of doing what I am dreaming about. In the end, I am doing this for me. Not for anyone else. Not to please someone, only myself. And I don’t need anyone’s approval. But of course I hope that I am not the only one reading this. I hope that out in the world is someone I can inspire with my posts. Maybe even help. That is my dream. And I will live it.

So you see, at the end these two weird weeks helped me to find my strength, set goals and figure out what it is that I want.

Since I didn’t spent a lot of time with my camera I only have instagram pictures to share with you. But they actually give a great inside of my life.

IMG_20140415_190123Nom nomsuch a delicious Quiche Lorraine!

IMG_20140415_204419My bf gave me flowers to cheer me upand what can I say, I did : )

IMG_20140417_152356My new mantra

IMG_20140424_090228Wow, what an amazing soy latte I made on a very sleepy morning.

IMG_20140425_221939 (1)A quote, perfectly matching my weekend!

IMG_20140426_233911Working on my new design for the blogwhat do you think so far?

IMG_20140427_105725A deserved a big breakfast after working the whole night!

IMG_20140427_170206A picture from todays photoshoot with the bf…I guess I am happy that he is a photographer!

I hope you had a lovely Sunday!



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