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Bits & Pieces – CW 15

The weeks are getting busier and busier day after day. My thesis is taking over my life. Okay, it is not that bad, but going to the library every day and working to earn some money next to it, just gets in the way with my blog. There is simply no time to sit down, create new content for the blog and take pictures. And you know what annoys me the most? That I just don’t get inspired that much anymore. But that is something I want to change within the next weeks. I think I should really set certain times that are reserved for blogging, the same I do with sports, cooking or buying groceries. I just need to make it a priority. There is so much inspiration out there and I even have photos for blog posts from some weeks ago on my harddriveI just need to edit them.

But enough about my busy life. Because I actually enjoy it a lot. I enjoy going to the library, having lunch breaks with my friends – of course, this is the best part about it : ) – getting things done and seeing progress. I had a meeting with my professor on Wednesday and was so nervous about it before. Typical me : ) In the end, I got a very good feedback and the data set I will be working on the next weeks. And that is what I already started to get into – SPSS, a computer program for statistical analysis. Oh boy, nothing I ever worked with and for the last three days I was so worked up about it. Thanks to my bf today I finally understood the first things and made a huge step forward (Thank you soooo much for your help!). I couldn’t have done it without him. And it was actually so much fun.

Next to working so much I also spent a lot of happy moments, that I shared on instagram. Since there was no time to take good pictures this week, I will share my instagram pictures with you. If you want to see a little more of what is going on in my life, go follow me here.


My Monday morning breakfast before work. I had some time in the morning and enjoyed starting the week easy.


This is how my desk at the library usually looks likelot’s of papers, scribbles everywhere and of course blueberry right in the middle – you don’t know who is blueberry? Then go check out THIS post.


Tuesday afternoon was spent working at Starbucks and sipping on soy café with the bf.


Nomnom! Friday nights treatmy favorite ice cream every. And to be honest, nothing was left that night : )


Working on Saturday for 9h called for a big café latte


A customer forgot her tulips at work and never came back to pick them up, so I was a lucky girl to take them home.


After working the whole Sunday morning with SPSS, I was glad to enjoy some time in the sun on the balcony.


 I fell in love with smoothies all over again this week. And especially green smoothiesso good! This one was with half a banana, some blueberries and a handful of spinach. I know spinach sounds weird at the beginning, but I promise you it is sooo could! Try it out! Just make sure to blend it really well!

It seems that Sunday night already came and it time to get ready for bed! Sleep well everyone. And always remember: Be happy.



4 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces – CW 15

    • Hihi, das kenn ich gut…ich glaub bei mir hat das auch gute 6 Monate gedauert! Aber sie sind echt super. Nur eins ist wichtig…mixen mixen mixen!

      Sag Bescheid falls du einen gemacht hast 🙂

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