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Challenge # 3 – Feedback

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Challenge # 3 

Two weeks with the mantra “organization” are over – see all about here and here. I already gave you the first feedback last week, so today I want to share my experience of the last seven days.

What can I sayit was amazing. It was an amazing week. I am not sure if it was because of my ambition to get everything planed or just because it was a good week. But anyway, I am happy it did. I got almost all of my to do’s checked off my list. Just some remained, that I already listed with the knowledge that I wouldn’t finish them last week. But since I didn’t plan it, I don’t mind, I didn’t do them. Even personal goals concerning health and fitness were reached. The week was well balanced between working to earn some money, writing my thesis and cozy evening at home. Also, all the planed posts were online by the time I had marked in my calender. I have to say, it felt really good. And my reward? The first part of my thesis is done!! I am soooo happy and relieved : )

Like I mentioned in this post, I thought I would need a little reminder by Wednesday to get things done, but last week I actually didn’t. I was still motivated and spent the whole day at the library. And on Thursday morning I had appointments at the university, that made me get out of bed easily.

The bad thing is that I don’t know what exactly made last week so easy. I can’t put my finger on anything, so I don’t really feel like I learned something for the future. Since I still have lots of things to do for my thesis this mantra of “organization” is going to stay. Not as a challenge, but as a lifestyle : ) If I find amazing results I will of course share them with you. Now I wish everyone a nice evening and a good start tomorrow.




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